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Kendra Scott’s Advice on Business & Life

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Business mogul and entrepreneur Kendra Scott transformed her small jewelry company, run out of her basement, into a billion-dollar, globally-recognized brand. Needless to say, she learned a lot along the way. Lucky for us, she shares her advice on business and life with us on Better Together!


1) You don’t have to be Wonder Woman all of the time 

Kendra went through a lot in 2020 – her dad suffered from multiple heart attacks, she experienced a divorce, her business fell during the pandemic and she had an emergency surgery. She realized that she couldn’t be “Wonder Woman” anymore who ‘kept everything together’. She asked for help, from her family, friends, and even her sons. Kenda was vulnerable with her kids and opened about her struggles. This led to a more open conversation, adding a new layer of closeness to their relationship. 


2) Passion will get you out of the dark times 

If you aren’t doing what you love, stop. If you are doing it just for the money, you will be miserable and unhappy. 


3) Business is about constantly shifting 

Kendra Scott started as a hat company, and she happened to make jewelry on the side. But when people started taking more to her jewelry, she pivoted. That is what business is about – shifting and following what the customers want.


4) How to hire

Kendra always has, and still does, hire on heart. You can bring in a gold-plated resume but if they aren’t kind, they can’t work at Kendra Scott. Barbara Corcoran gave the same advice during our interview with her. Secondly, she hires people who possess skills she doesn’t – be honest with yourself and hire those who are great at what you suck at!

Maria Menounos guest Kendra Scott on Her Advice for Business and Life

Listen to our full interview with Kendra here!


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