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How To Successfully Build A Business

Founder of The Skinny Confidential (TSC) Lauryn Bosstick sat down with Maria to talk all things entrepreneurship. For those that don’t know, TSC is one of the most popular blogs online today and has been featured in SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, The Gary Vee Show & People Magazine. Lauryn turned a small health & fitness blog into a lifestyle, building an incredible community along the way. For the last 12 years, TSC has rightfully solidified its title as a digital global empire. 

In our interview, Lauryn shares all of the lessons she learned along her journey and reveals what she found has worked and doesn’t work when it comes to business strategy and brand building. Plus, she reveals how to maintain a healthy mindset and work-life balance. 


How to create the best content 

For any content creators out there, it is all about takeaway. With so much to consume, we are selling time right now – why should someone watch your Instagram story over someone else’s? 2 minutes of someone’s day is a lot of time and you want to be giving them something with what you put out – whether that is a laugh or tangible tips to get better or whatever. 


Sit in stillness

Our society is so go, go, go these days and stillness is something we have lost. Sitting in silence can be a great source of recalibration as well as inspiration because as we’ve heard time and time again on this show, our greatest ideas hit in moments of rest. 


How to avoid burnout

In the beginning of your career, you should be saying yes to most opportunities you get. It is how you build your foundation. But as Tony Robbins says, “yes is how you got there but it stops serving you in the next chapter.” At a point, you have to conserve your energy to scale business. You sometimes have to say no. 


Create a routine

Establishing a routine will create order to your day and can set the tone for it. In the morning, Lauryn won’t look at her phone except to put on a podcast in the morning. She’ll listen to Ed Mylett or Gabby Bernstein or Lewis Howes … content that will help her grow. 


Lauryn’s advice for young entrepreneurs

Number one, As cliche as it sounds, patience is key! It took 13 years to build The Skinny Confidential and it was a slow growth. Number two, nothing is “out of your job description.” Nothing is above or beneath any of us and if you want to be successful, you need to understand all of the roles that collectively make the engine run. 


Practice stoicism

It is easy to look back with regret, but Lauryn has taken on the mindset that we can’t change the past so harping on it is just a waste of time and energy that she could be spending doing something productive to create a better future. 


How to beat mom guilt

Working mom’s often feel guilty not spending enough time with their kids, and Lauryn struggles with it too. But what has helped her is remembering that she is setting an example for her daughter and showing her what hard work looks like.

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