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How To Shift Your Consciousness with Dr. Kim D’Eramo


‘Miraculous healing doesn’t go above science as we have understood our thoughts create realities and our bodies can heal ourselves from within’


Best-selling author Dr Kim D’Eramo is a highly empathic and energy sensitive emotional wellness expert, healer, board certified medical Physician and Osteopath. She teaches how our minds can create the healing that we need physically and emotionally, and how you too can shift your consciousness. Dr Kim is no stranger to chronic pain, during her time at medical school she developed an autoimmune disease, after the traditional western methods used to treat her illness were exhausting and overwhelming. This experience sparked a curiosity in Dr Kim to explore other methods of healing. During this time she discovered that in order to increase health, wealth and prosperity in your life, you must increase your own frequency. 


How To Heighten Your Awareness


Your thoughts, beliefs and past traumas determine how your health manifests itself. Dr Kim shared that a lot of our emotional components are what bring us our physical ailments. The stress responses in our body, whether that originates from a past traumatic event, societal pressures, or feelings of low self-worth triggers a fight or flight reaction in our body. This stress response is what creates every major chronic illness and pain, as well as limiting our body’s ability to take care of itself. With the increase of cortisol and inflammatory markers going up in our body, it shuts down immune repair, detoxification, and all of the good housekeeping things our bodies do to keep us healthy.  The body does this with the intent of returning  to homeostasis once the stress trigger has been removed. However, the issue comes in the fact that most people live their life in this state of stress.  By being aware of this you can change your reality, creating an exponential shift in our frequency and even your health. D’Eramo believes this ‘ is the most powerful activator’


D’Eramo believes that once we become aware, we have so much power in our individual system that can change our overall health.  By becoming aware of ourselves and questioning. ‘What is my body actually doing at this moment?’ we have more power.  

Maria Menounos Guest Kim D'Eramo on Shifting Your Consciousness

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