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How To Prevent Social Media Anxiety

Celebrity Doula, Lifestyle Guru, Mama Glow Founder and Oprah Super Soul 100 member Latham Thomas sat in with the Heal Squad and offered lessons and life tools on everything from mindfulness to how to prevent social media anxiety, and even explained how you can find your life’s calling. As a mother living in New York City, Latham used to get up at 2, 3, 4am in the morning, hail a cabs during s

nowstorms, drop off her 2 year old son at his grandfather’s house, hail another cab, and head to Brooklyn to aid a couple as they were welcoming a baby into the world. You know you have found your calling when you find the motivation to do that over and over again. It is what you were put on this earth to do.

Why we should step into our fears

Fear immobilizes us. When we feel small or incapacitated by our fears, we must still take actions that are aligned with your greater purpose. Even taking baby steps towards your goal will help you push through the fear. Hold onto hope and keep sight of our vision. 

Follow this rubric when posting on social media

All of Latham’s social media posts must fall into 1 of these 4 categories: Inspiration. Connective, Entertaining, Educational (“ICEE”). Let us not contribute to the toxicity on social media and instead post beneficial, feel-good content. 

What we consume can consume us

Every message we get from the world will turn us away from ourselves, including social media. You have the choice to consume content that only lifts you up – so do it! 

Use mindfulness apps 

For those struggling right now, try using mental health apps like Talk Space, Better Health, Alma, or Octave. Latham also suggests this for new mother’s suffering postpartum depression. 

Fences keep good neighbors

Set boundaries as protection for the things that derail you from your purpose. Stay committed to what you were put on earth to do. 

Listen to your calling 

Your passion is different from your calling. Passion is joyful and easy to find, your calling is not a choice but has been divinely given to you. It is what you were put on this earth to do. When it comes to you, your calling may not make sense, but you need to trust your intuition and follow it. 

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