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How To Navigate Your Career

Are you feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your job but think it’s too late to change career paths? Well, we are here to tell you that it’s possible! Award winning author and host of one of the world’s top podcasts Good Life Project Jonathan Fields changed his ENTIRE life at 31 years old, leaving his prestigious job at a top law firm to follow his passion, entering an industry he had no experience in at all. Well today, he is a top player in that field! Lucky for us, he shares how to navigate your career, successfully start over and live the life you’ve always wanted to live! 

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1) Your dream job may not be all you thought it would be

Sometimes what we think will be isn’t reality. Jonathan’s body was literally rejecting his career, leaving him tired and ill. He worked so many years to get this job and he thought it was going to be magical, but really it was destroying him. A lot of us are guilty of holding onto something because we have been working towards it for so long but it is ok if that isn’t your path and you are meant to change course. That’s what life is all about.


2) How to get through bumps in your career 

What got Jonathan through that tough window in his law career? He kept repeating a thought: I just worked so hard in an industry that tired me out that it started to destroy my health. What would happen if I applied that work ethic to a space where I loved what I was doing? I am capable of succeeding in anything because of my work ethic. He just needed to find a job in a space he loved. You bring your work ethic and competence with you!


3) Lack of experience shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dream

Sometimes we are afraid to enter new things because we don’t have the knowledge or pedigree, but that is your biggest advantage: you aren’t bound by the constraints or traditions


4) How to avoid burnout

Create circuit breakers in life. Tell someone you trust what you are doing and make an agreement as to how you are going to balance work with rest. That person will keep you accountable and make sure you are taking those breaks. If you can’t rely on a person, set reminders on your phone when it is time for that rest period.  


5) What to ask yourself if you are contemplating a career switch

Ask yourself why you believe you cannot get what you need in the space you are already in. Can you find ways in your current job to fulfill your soul? Look at your job now and think, “how can I reimagine or reinvent this?” Then ask yourself, do I really know what makes me come alive? The first step is self-inquiry. If you don’t understand yourself, you will keep repeating old patterns.  

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MAria Menounos guest Jonathan Fields on How to Navigate Your Career

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