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How To Let Go Of Expectations with DeVon Franklin

Award-winning producer, New York Times best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker DeVon Franklin discusses how to let go of expectations and allow yourself to live more FREE! However, this realization did not come naturally to DeVon. After leading the production of the latest film in the The Karate Kid franchise, DeVon expected to receive a promotion. When that didn’t happen, he was devastated and realized that having this assumption caused him pain, and even tainted his view of himself. From this experience, he learned easy-to-apply tools to let go of expectations and lucky for us, he shares them with the Heal Squad!


Devon Franklin’s Easy-To-Apply Tools To Let Go of Expectations

Manage your expectations before they manage you – Expectations are weights. The more we take on, the more stressed out we feel. If we don’t take control of them now, they will continue to burden you until you reach a breaking point. 
Do not succumb to societal norms  – Are you really living the life you want? It is easy to succumb to the capitalist idea that “more is better,” which is fine, until you begin using it as a barometer to judge yourself. Do not base your self-worth on how many materialistic items you possess or how much money you have accumulated. You can agree with expectations, but do not let cultural expectations dictate your life. 
How to set expectations  – To set expectations, ask yourself 2 questions: 1) is the expectation realistic or unrealistic and 2) if your expectation involves someone else, does it need to be communicated – is it spoken or unspoken? DeVon argues that whatever is in your control is a realistic expectation. For example, we can control the process of making a great podcast, but we cannot control how it will be received. 
Do not put a deadline on your dreams – In setting a time limit for success, we set ourselves up for self-judgement. In following your dream you should also ask yourself, “is my expectation creating more joy or pain?” If it is more of a burden then either you have the wrong dream or you are putting too much expectation on that dream. 
Stop creating unrealistic expectations – Treating a possibility as a certainty is driving this generation crazy. Where does it say that by 25 you should have your dream, 6-figure job? In reality, life is about navigating the unexpected. 
Put your destination in the GPS, and just drive – To keep our expectations healthy, we must not worry about when they will happen. Let’s just enjoy the journey. 
Happiness only truly comes from within – Other people cannot make you happy. Happiness comes from within and it is unfair to place that responsibility on someone else like a loved one or partner. 
Social media is all FAKE! – Many create false expectations as a result of social media but DeVon is here to remind you that none of it is real! We should not judge ourselves by this fictitious barometer. 


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