Maria Menounos

How To Get Through Grief with Joanna Garcia Swisher

You may know JoAnna Garcia Swisher from her role as Sam in “Are You Afraid of The Dark?” or Cheyenne in “Reba” or most recently, Maddie Townsend from Netflix’s “Sweet Magnolias,” but in our Heal Squad X Maria Menounos interview we see a different side of JoAnna. Maria and the star sit down and discuss their shared experience of losing a parent, or in JoAnna’s case two parents, during COVID and reveal what helped them get through grief. 


How do you reach out to someone in grief?

“Don’t shy away from expressing your condolences to someone who has experienced loss. However when you do so, do not say “everything happens for a reason,” or comments of the like. Just hold space for that person and allow them to be.” 


How do you keep a loved one’s memory alive?

“For anyone who talks to someone who has passed, you aren’t crazy. Both Maria and JoAnna talk to their parents and hear them talk back. So don’t doubt yourself when you hear the messages from above. Another portal of connection are signs. Whenever JoAnna sees a hawk, she knows her father is present. For Maria, it’s a sunset.”


The culture around grief needs to change.

“As a society, we are very uncomfortable with grief. We should be able to grieve openly and in any way that feels right for us.”  

Listen to the full interview here:

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