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How to Find Happiness and Success with Anthony Trucks


After being given away to foster care at 3 years old, suffering abuse from his foster parents, being adopted into an all-white family at 14, losing his NFL career to an injury and much more, Anthony Trucks had to learn how to shift and adapt from a very young age. Now, he teaches us how to do the same. The former NFL athlete, American Ninja Warrior and international speaker Anthony Trucks uses cutting-edge science and psychology to help you reach your full potential so that you can elevate your life and business. He sat down with us and shared his tips on how to find happiness and success.


1) Who are you going to shift into?

Who do you want to become? Who has what you want? Mimic their journey and behaviors. Nick Santanastasso gave similar advice – find a role model and copy their path.  


2) How do you discover your superpower?

On American Ninja Warrior, Anthony wanted to get prepared. He was told to train his pinky because it holds 50% of your grip strength. The most insignificant part of the hand is the strongest. This is the same with our superpower – we often overlook our greatest quality. So Anthony suggests asking your friends “if you could extract one thing from me that you could use to improve your life, what would it be?”


3) If you’re in a negative headspace, remember it is for a reason

What helped Anthony and Maria get through their dark times was remembering that they were going through this so that they could talk about and help others through their hardships. This may not be your reason, but remember that the universe has a plan for you and the challenges you face are part of that plan. 


4) The more compassion you give, the more the world will give it back

Anthony’s foster family tortured him, yet he still forgives them. He realized, after years of therapy and deep work, that they were hurt and their behavior was a product of their pain, and Anthony happened to be collateral damage. It was never personal. He now feels compassion for them – they are hurting and they missed out on a great son. You can only give what you have inside. 


5) How to get over anger?

The world is a mirror to how you feel. If you are angry and upset, you will act that way and the universe will give you that energy back. If you choose forgiveness, you will improve your headspace and show up better for the world. In turn, the universe will show up for you in the same way. 


6) You can’t want more for someone than they want for themselves

A journey can’t be forced. Even though it may come from a place of love, don’t try to force what you believe to be the “right path” onto someone else because you will only be faced with anger. We are all on our own journeys and need to learn the lessons ourselves.


7) Shifting into a positive mindset 

Don’t be afraid of feeling the pain of the ego. For example, if you aren’t good with money, instead of being ashamed, be excited that you have something to improve upon. View that growth as something to look forward to instead of shy away from. 

Maria Menounos guest Anthony Trucks on How to Find Happiness and Success

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