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How to Face Failure with Esther Povitsky

Maria Menounos guest Esther Povitsky on How to Face failure

On Better Together we had the pleasure of speaking with Esther Povitsky, American actress and comedian, on her career journey. Esther discussed with us her brave move to drop out of college and move to LA, despite her parents’ opinions. She takes us through the timeline of moving to LA, putting herself out there and taking any chance she got to get her name out there. In our time with her, we got to hear some of Esther’s guidance on navigating your career as a young adult. She shares her tips for following your passion and how to face failure.


Esther Povistky’s 4 Tips on How to Face Failure


1) Keep trying 

Everything gets better with practice, even if you suck at it. Esther uses her experience in dance as a prime example of this. She explains how although she may not have been the best, continued to show up and try. She applies this idea to all areas of her life, saying how if you keep showing up and trying you will improve. No one else is paying attention to you the way you’re paying attention to yourself! Don’t focus on how you look to others, just keep trying. 


2) You have to show people the value you add

There will be many times when people are not looking for the role you fill, but sometimes you have to take initiative. Show what you can bring to the table. People won’t necessarily see the value add until you show them. Know that at least trying, is fulfilling in itself. Even if you don’t get the outcome you want, you gain something from that experience. You are also practicing the confidence that comes with putting yourself out there. 


3) Stay true to who you are 

Don’t give in to the pressure to be a certain way or act a certain way just because of others around you! Esther talked about her experience with the LA lifestyle pressure. She would make jokes to others to address the fact that she still drove an old car. She would drive it to fancy events, and then joke about it with those who saw to avoid the elephant in the room. She went on to talk about how even on a broader scale, like food, she doesn’t see the need for expensive things. Esther is proud of who she is and what she has! Staying true to and being proud of who you are is key in feeling genuine happiness!


4) It’s OK to get rejected and it’s OK to fail!

With failing comes learning! Even if you fail in something are face rejection, you gave it a try and that’s something in itself. Esther talks on her own learning lessons from her experience with failure and rejection. She’s gotten to a point where she’s faced it so many times, she knows she can handle it. At the end of the day, giving something a try and failing bring you just as much, if not, more value that achieving the goal. 


Want to hear more about how Esther Povitsky deals with rejection and anxiety? Listen to the full podcast episode below.

Check out the full episode with Esther here! 


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