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How To Develop Better Eating Habits

We all know Randy Jackson as the fun-spirited, warm-loving judge from American Idol and other TV shows, but in our interview we see a different side of the musician and producer. On Better Together, Randy opens up about his health journey, diabetes scare and how he lost 100 pounds. He shares the valuable behaviors and patterns he changed to help him lose the weight, and sustain it.  Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds or just develop better eating habits, his tips are sure to help you live your healthiest life!


1) Behavior psychology 

Randy explained that a big step in his journey was changing the way he looks at food. When we lose weight, we think we can go back to our old patterns and eat tons of sweets again. To break that addictive pattern, he began looking at food as fuel vs. emotions. 


2) Emotional eating

 We often eat out of emotion, hoping to feel better with the dopamine rush we get from eating a cookie or cake. But really, we are often covering up for a deeper, internal problem that we are struggling with.  


3) Don’t deny yourself sweets

Not allowing yourself to eat desserts is NOT the approach Randy and even Maria would suggest. Your desire for the treat will only accumulate with time until one day you break and overindulge. Plus, we all deserve a little snack! 


4) Food Deserts

If you live in an impoverished area or a ‘food desert’, we understand that eating healthy may be difficult. Plus, organic foods tend to cost more than normal. Randy suggests finding the healthiest thing on the menu and getting that. Growing up, Maria’s family had a garden in the backyard where they grew fresh fruit and veggies during the summer in bulk, and saved the leftovers for winter.  You may want to grow vegetables yourself. For those who don’t have backyards, google’ home gardens.


5) Keep a food journal

Maria kept a food journal when she was on her health journey. It was a crucial step for her losing 40 pounds. She wrote down everything she ate for a week, which allowed her to pinpoint the “problem” foods and cut down on them. 

Maria Menounos guest Randy Jackson on Better Eating Habits



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