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How To Cultivate Self-Love with Koya Webb

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and celebrity holistic health coach whose mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness and eco-friendly living to combat some of the world’s biggest challenges including mental health, anxiety, and social injustices. Koya teaches us how we can cultivate self-love and the free, easy-to-apply practices we can start implementing TODAY to get there.  

Align with the spirit of love
Aligning with love and God is simple; do something you love daily. That can be singing, dancing, meditation, yoga, breath work – anything that makes you feel whole.
The universe will test you

The more you want to do in life, the more you step into your purpose, you get more tests. As you elevate, you will face pains but remember, you will only grow through the lessons. 

Take back your energy

When you learn what gives you energy, you are empowered. The more you give energy to stuff that takes away your energy, the less happy you’ll be. So take stock of what drains you and cut that out of your life. 

Don’t hold in your feelings 

When you feel that lump in your throat, like you can’t speak, you are energetically blocked. Journaling is a great practice to express yourself, communicate, and will help release that energy. Some people also yell or sing or talk to someone they trust. 

You are not your experiences

Koya was able to heal from her sexual assault when she detached from the experience. Meaning, she is not what happened to her. 

Keep yourself in balance

For as much negative content you consume, whether on the news or online, you have to intake the same amount of positive media. We are out of balance – we are piled up with so much fear that we can’t see the love because we are overwhelmed with the darkness.  

Love yourself and you will be blessed with more to give 

If you aren’t taking care of yourself 50% of the time, you aren’t loving yourself enough. The amount of energy you spend giving and caring for others, you have to spend loving yourself. If you don’t, you’ll slowly decline. Because of this, you’ll barely be able to take care of you, let alone anyone else. 

Take yourself on dates

Who says you can’t take yourself out? Koya does and learned this ritual from her friend Kimberly Snyder. A typical solo date can be a nice home cooked meal or treating yourself to chocolate or flowers. It’s whatever you want it to be because it’s all about what makes you happy!

Check in on yourself

Set an alarm every day that asks “how do you feel and what do you need?” It is easy to get caught up in the grind of the day, but this reminder will help you recalibrate and reassess your needs. 

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