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How To Connect With Deceased Loved Ones & Cope with Grief

Saje and Serena Dyer, the daughters of spiritual thought leader and the beloved “Father of Motivation” Wayne Dyer, join us on Better Together. When their father suddenly died in 2015, the sisters were blindsided by grief and thrown into an adventure from loss to understanding, as they came to realize their father’s teachings with a new urgency, intimacy, and power as they applied them to their lives. They share with us how to connect with deceased loved ones.


Choose sooner

Wayne would tell the story of a man who was told his son passed away in battle. He lived in a small town so everyone heard the news. That night, he went out dancing and celebrating and his neighbor was confused. The man said, “sooner or later I am going to have to move on from this or it will kill me. And I am choosing sooner” That doesn’t mean you don’t grieve, but every day you can choose to find joy. 


Your soul is energy

A soul is not the ashes in an urn but is energy and even though someone may not be here physically, their energy is still present and always will be. 


The Earth is a classroom and some souls need less time in it than others

Our souls come on this Earth with a purpose, and some just need less time on this planet to accomplish what they need to do.  


Dream visitations are real

When you have a dream of a loved one and they touch you, it’s a real visitation. 


How to connect with a late loved one

One of the sisters’ friends was struggling to connect with her late husband, putting her in a bad headspace of stress and anxiety. Her spirit guide reminded her that where her husband is, is so much higher so he could not lower himself enough to get to her level. She had to raise her vibrations to meet him and when she came from a place of love, she was able to connect with him instantaneously. If you want to attract anything in life, you have to be like it. 


Be open to all signs

Don’t be closed minded when it comes to seeing signs. They come in all forms and it may not be how you want or expect to see them. Put out into the universe the you are open to receiving a sign, and it will come. 


Share your feelings while you can

When people are alive, it can be awkward to share our truest feelings. But one thing Maria did that she is so grateful for is tell her parents everything she felt when they both got sick with COVID. If you don’t want to tell them face-to-face, write a letter. Just be sure to express yourself while you have the chance because when you don’t, you’ll regret it. 


Each soul agrees to its own time stamp on earth 

There is often confusion about when people go, but the sisters think there is some part of each of us that comes here with a purpose, and the soul agrees to this. When the time is done, we go home. We come at the right time and leave at the right time. When you are able to understand your soul came here to grow, you will find so much freedom and beauty. 


How to comfort someone who is grieving 

People are often not sure how to reach when someone experiences loss, but all you have to do is just be there for someone. Just reach out and say you are thinking about them. And don’t be afraid to say the name of the person who died – don’t make it taboo or unconventional. By continuing to talk about them, you are honoring their memory. 


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