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How to Change Your Path with Hannah Berner

Have you ever felt stuck? Like the path you’re on seems like it can never change, even though it might lead you down a less-than-fulfilling road? You may not know it yet, but your life is a series of choices and actions. And just as with any other aspect of life—from work and relationships to health and happiness—sometimes we get stuck in patterns that aren’t serving us well. Comedian, podcast host, and reality star, Hannah Berner was on track for a career as a professional tennis player- until she quit. She shared her journey of leaving behind one dream for another, and the identity loss and struggle along the way. Here’s everything she learned through her experience.

How to Change Your Path with Hannah Berner
Your Self-Worth Doesn’t Come from External Opinions

Your self-worth is not tied to your job or the opinions of others. It’s not even tied to how much money you make, or what other people think about you. Your worth comes from within, and when we understand that, we can see our lives in a new light.

When we believe that our self-worth is dependent on external factors, it becomes easy for us to feel bad about ourselves when something goes wrong. Therefore, we avoid taking risks or trying new things! Hannah attached her worth to her tennis success and she struggled to rediscover her identity when she left the sport. Once she shifted her path to video content and comedy, she found her worth to be defined by doing what she loves and enjoying the journey rather than the results.

Life is Too Short To Not Do What You Truly Want

It’s easy to believe your life will be perfect when you have a certain job or a certain amount of money. The truth is, if you aren’t happy with your current situation, the wealth or success won’t matter–you’ll still feel unhappy.

You have only one chance at life and if there’s something missing from it, then changing paths is worth considering. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come! Hannah believes life is too short to not do what you love. She said, “the worst day doing the thing you love is better than your best day doing the thing you hate.”

Live in Gratitude

Living in gratitude is the best way to change your path. When you are grateful for what you have, it’s easier to open yourself up to receiving more. Gratitude helps us feel connected with others and encourages us to reach out more often than not.

When we have a grateful attitude, we look at life from an optimistic perspective instead of focusing on things that are wrong or missing from our lives. The point isn’t being fake or pretending that everything is perfect–it’s about finding ways to appreciate something new in our lives instead of focusing on what might be missing! Be grateful for the things that didn’t work out. The path that leads you to where you are and the things that happen are meant to be.

The Universe Pushes You Away From Things That Aren’t Meant For You

When considering a change of direction, it’s easy to get caught up in the desire for perfection. You want everything lined up and ready before you start. But this isn’t how real life works–and if you wait until everything is perfect, then nothing will ever happen at all!

You won’t always know you need to make a change, sometimes change hits you like a bus and knocks you off your feet. It can feel scary or put you into a victim mindset. Rather than asking “Why did this happen to me?” start asking “What is this set me up for? What is this teaching me?” The universe will push you away from situations and things that aren’t meant for you. The things you do should always be what brings you joy and aligns you with your core values. 

Changing your path is a big step in life, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. Make sure you are living in gratitude and understanding that life is short. Don’t wait until tomorrow; start today by making a list of things that make you happy!

Change Your Path with Hannah Berner

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