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How to Break Toxic Cycles & Begin Healing with Rosie Acosta

Yoga, meditation, and wellness influencer Rosie Acosta sits in with the Heal Squad and reveals how to manifest our best lives, even in the worst circumstances. She shares all of the hacks she used to break toxic cycles…and the tools she uses to remain out. However, we also learn that her path to success and happiness was not always smooth sailing. 

Rosie didn’t have it easy growing up, living in East Los Angeles, amongst gangs and violence, as a first-generation American. As a teenager, she was 200 lbs, had many run-ins with the law (once for attempting to steal a cop car), dated abusive partners, was suicidal, and overall just felt horrible about herself. A life filled with love, health, and success seemed so far out of reach. However, everything changed when Rosie took the bus to hear a yoga instructor’s seminar on affirmations. Something struck a nerve and right then and there, she decided to evolve and better her life… and she has been on that journey ever since. And now, she has also made it her life’s mission to help others by sharing the wisdom she has accumulated throughout the years. 

If you feel like your life and situation are hopeless or lacking fulfillment, this is a must-read. 

Your upbringing does not define who you are

Some of us are born into more privilege than others, but everyone has the ability to create an amazing life for themselves. However, that is not to say it may be harder for some to do so. This is just a reminder that if you are ever feeling limited by your particular situation, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not every spiritual awakening will be a big, grand event

Rosie first discovered the power of affirmations when she attended a lecture in high school in which the audience was asked to close their eyes. It was at that moment when she first truly felt her body and breath. You do not need to travel to foreign countries and train with the world’s best gurus to practice spirituality. 

We need to pay attention to life

Many of us are guilty of constantly looking for the next best thing – whether that is a project, job, business venture, etc. While that is important, it is equally important to slow down and take in the present as when it passes by, we will regret not appreciating it more. 

Instant gratification leads to dissatisfaction 

In this fast-paced, digital world, we are constantly yearning for instant gratification. Whether that is through Instagram likes or a job promotion, if things do not happen on our timeline, we feel like a failure. Rosie reminds us that slowing down and moving at the pace of nature is actually more beneficial in terms of creating our dream life. 

Change begins with small steps 

When Rosie was 200 pounds, she signed up to run a marathon, and completed it. She later recognized that this was the first step on her journey to success. 

Manifesting does not mean you can’t put in the work 

Manifestation is only part of the process – you must also put in the work. And by doing the work, you are putting yourself at the frequency needed to manifest in the first place. 

Disappointment blocks off the heart

With rejection and failure comes disappointment. In order to protect ourselves from that feeling, we slowly build up a wall around our heart. Instead, try to remember that failing is important as it teaches you how to cultivate discernment. 

Discomfort vs. pain 

Athletes know when their body can’t handle anymore – they can discern between discomfort and pain. We need to apply this practice to our everyday lives. One day you may need to rest, and other days you may have the stamina to take on more. It is all about acknowledging that difference and knowing your limits. 


Break up with the toxic people in your life 

Rosie joked that she has been practicing social distancing for 20 years, with toxic people. When dealing with toxic people we often believe the best “break-up” approach is to have a conversation with them. However, Rosie advises against it. Instead, genuinely wish them well and accept that your paths are no longer aligned. A gradual fading away is often the better way to go.


As the saying goes, “Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. Sometimes they are only there long enough to teach you the lessons that you need to learn.” 

It is ok to let go of relationships that no longer serve you. When re-assessing the people in your life, ask yourself these 3 questions: Do you desire to spend time with this person? Does this person uplift you? Does this relationship make you feel supported? 

Show up for your friends

Often, we focus on how others are making us feel instead of on how we are making them feel. Check in on your friends. Show them that you are thinking of them. As they say, you must give, in order to receive. 

You cannot heal someone who doesn’t want to be healed

Instead of arguing and trying to fix friends and others who don’t want to be healed, talk about their interests. Talk about sports, music, movies, or anything that you two have in common. Keep the conversation playful and light. 

Take the time to know and nurture yourself 

In order to love yourself, you must take the time to know yourself. And secondly, you must nurture yourself. Whether that be taking a bath, watching your favorite movie, or reading a book, caring for you is a vital step in developing self-worth. 

Invest in these helpful meditation apps

Rosie shares her favorite meditation apps – Sanctuary, Insight Timer, Headspace, and Calm. Give them a try!

Cultivate radical self-love

Without radical self-love, we can never progress. Rosie defines self-love as the ability to treat yourself the way you would treat somebody you love. And radical self-love is taking that to the extreme. Set those boundaries. Say no. Cut off toxicity. The change starts today!

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