Maria Menounos

How Astrology is Impacting Maria’s Healing Journey

Maria has shared a lot of her journey with healing through numerous moments in her life with the goal of leaving an impact and sharing the tools she’s used along the way. She shares with us how to remain consistent in your healing journey, and the importance of celebrating your small wins and reminding yourself of the progress you’re making in your healing journey. She has put focus on her healing journey since her diagnosis and struggle with her autoimmune condition and brain tumor. Maria chooses to focus on her full body, soul and mind healing and since the beginning of her journey in January she has seen evidence that there is a shift in her healing. She has found that there are many facets and tools available that can leave a lasting impact on her mental, emotional, and physical well-being. One of the things that has left a mark on her healing journey is astrology. She breaks down the role astrology has played in her life. 

How Astrology is Impacting Maria’s Healing Journey

Most recently she discovered Psychologist and Astrologist Debra Silverman. Silverman uses her expertise in both psychology and astrology to heal people. Maria recently had an impactful and insightful session with Silverman where they worked together to understand the astrological elements that made up Maria’s personality, Maria testified that this session alone was very eye-opening in allowing her great self-reflection. Since discovering that Maria is a double water and single air sign, Maria has a broad understanding of how she navigates the world around her

Understanding herself

Traits associated with water signs are very knowing and psychic, and the lack of earth in her chart, which is typically associated with grounding, is where she struggles to find confidence in supporting her knowledge. Learning this information about herself has allowed Maria to be more introspective and aware of how she navigates the world. Her instrinsic metaphysical understanding of the world combined with a lack of security in her decision making has led Maria to not trust herself in what she knows. Understanding this about herself has made her much more secure and confident  in her knowing that her manifestations of health and well-being will come to fruition. finding a new found confidence in her knowing that she is capable of healing is no longer blocked

Navigating the world

The role astrology has played in Maria’s healing journey has also assisted her in navigating the world around her, understanding how the people around her interpret the world. With each astrological element having its traits and strengths, as well as understanding how her elemental traits will impact how she approaches situations. Has helped calm her anxiety in situations she previously found difficult and find ways of self control and self soothing through this introspection. 


Maria’s focus on her healing journey continues to bring her to new areas in which she is expanding her self awareness and evolving herself to find ways to heal her physical, mental and spiritual well being. For more about Maria’s journey to healing, check out her blog.

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