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Hormone Imbalance with Hormone Expert Alisa Vitti

Maria invites functional nutritionist, women’s hormone expert, and female biohacking expert, Alissa Vitti to discuss hormone imbalance and how it affects your healing journey. By being able to hack your own hormone system, you can achieve a biological balance that will bring more peace of mind and a well-rounded, personal well-being, without engaging in hormone replacement therapy.


Why it Matters

Hormone imbalance and hormonal patterns are two things many women of all ages suffer from. Some are unaware that’s what they are even suffering from. Many have symptoms of cystic acne, irregular periods or intensely painful period cramps which can easily be mistaken symptoms for other health issues. Hormone imbalance can disrupt efforts to naturally conceive later in life, and balancing your hormones can make the process more achievable with the least intervention as possible. If you’re in your twenties and want to be PMS and cramp free balancing your hormones can also help. Women in their late forties can navigate the pre menopausal stage of life. Exploring the option of how we can modify our inputs to alter our outputs naturally can have positive, life-altering effects that support your lifestyle to the fullest. 


Food is Medicine

Alisa Vitti has dedicated years of her life to researching and expanding her understanding of hormone balancing. A fundamental belief, following Hippocrates’ belief that food could be medicine, is using food to heal yourself internally and balance your hormones. Vitti centers her beliefs around balancing hormones through natural solutions which has been adopted by multiple celebrities and organizations, notably the women’s US soccer team.

The purpose of hormones, biologically, is to safeguard the transport of glucose to our brain and vital organs, and is the prime directive of your endocrine system. Through most of our diets, we disrupt this process all day long. And in this process our hormones try and compensate for this mass disruption to blood sugar, resulting in hyperglycemic dips, cortisol levels rising or elevated insulin in the body. Most of the time it can happen after having a breakfast that is too high in sugar, or not eating well enough at breakfast time. 


Women’s hormones impact their mood, physical health and other areas such as your immune system, skin and general energy levels. If someone has a family history of cancer, alternatives for hormone replacement are minimal. Naturally implementing hormone balancing can have a great impact. One area of research Alisa has pioneered is the cycle-syncing method. The cycle-syncing method is a female-centric diet and lifestyle program that leverages hormonal patterns for optimal health, fitness and productivity. 

Alisa Vitti Hormone Expert on Hormone Imbalance

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