Sure, Maria Menounos has the E! News glam squad behind her, but the veteran host has also got her finger on the latest beauty and style trends. With that knowledge comes a fierce understanding of the best products and industry tips.

Tinted moisturizer by Nurse Jamie, L’Oréal mascara, bronzer from NARS, blush from the Tom Ford Estée Lauder collection and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Tin.

“Dainty” by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Bronzer—better to have a glow, but I prefer both!

One and done! Never ever use a towel more than once on your face. Buy a bunch of cheap washcloths for washing your face. Use the cloth one time and then let it hit the hamper! I can’t express the importance of this enough.

Don’t waste your money on designer polish. OPI is the best brand.

“Daisy” by Marc Jacobs. I just love it. It’s fresh and not over powering.

Maria’s Tips from her EveryGirl Books

1. First, chop your hair! I cut mine to a place where my dead ends no longer existed. For me that was above my shoulders.

2. I use Unite moisture cream & oil. A pump of oil and quarter or so sized amount of cream on wet hair. Do not towel dry hair but you can wrap in a towel. Then add oil and cream. Let hair air dry… If it doesn’t air dry pretty start wearing buns and ponytails!

3. Remember to take out your pony tail elastic carefully! I used to rip it out and didn’t realize why my hair was breaking in the middle of my head!

4. Be sure to wash your hair every day or every other day. It is better to put heat on freshly washed hair(of course the goal for a while is no heat at all) but the old school rule of never washing hair only contributes to dead hair because we put product in it, then heat it and then repeat the next day. Terrible damage for your hair!

5. I Use Alterna overnight hair repair. I use it on the night before I wash – it is non-greasy and awesome!

6. Take a Biotin supplement daily.

7. Set alarm to remind you to get a haircut every 6 weeks. Don’t let your hairdresser texturize your hair. It makes it less thick and full. Learned that one the hard way! Ask for a blunt cut and your hair will look thicker and healthier!

8. Don’t use bleach for highlights. Dimitri Giannetos taught me to use hair color instead. It’s much easier on hair and works just as well! Check out my Instagram @mariamenounos to see my color.

9. Never let anyone blow dry your hair with the blow dryer directly on your hair!

10. Make sure to always brush your hair from the ends up.

11. Use a hair mask once or twice a week. There are many good ones out there. My favorite is from Kérastase.

12. Do all of this until your hair gets healthy and then continue on with it! It took me almost a year to get it long but it got healthy pretty quick!

Enjoy your healthy hair 🙂

Love, Maria