Maria Menounos

Get the PERFECT at Home Blowout

Maria Menounos Secret to Perfect At Home Blowout

We all want that salon fresh, perfect blowout, right? It’s such a good look, but who has the money or time? What if I told you you could get that salon blowout, but for cheap! Plus, you don’t even have to leave your house to get it. That’s right, you can give yourself a salon quality blowout from the comfort of your own home with the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush. This little $40 tool is worth every penny for a perfect at home blowout, I swear by it. 

How I Use It:

When I get out of the shower, I’ll towel dry my hair and then rough-dry my roots with my normal hair dryer. Then I separate my hair into sections and go in with the blow dryer brush. By sectioning off the hair I am making sure each piece gets a good pass with the brush. This is what really adds to that voluminous blowout. When I am done it looks like I just stepped out of the salon! Literally takes me, with long thick hair, 8 minutes. Crazy!

I even gave one of these brushes to our house mom, Violeta, and she is obsessed. She used it when we went to the Dr. Oz Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction and she looked INCREDIBLE, like she had just had her hair done, but she did it herself! (which is just so satisfying, right?!) I only wish my mom was alive to experience it because her hair was always annoying for her-this is the solution! 

Make sure you use a good heat protectant when using the brush and then you are good to go. There are lots of tutorials on TikTok and YouTube that show you how to use the brush, just make sure you get up there in your roots to give yourself that va-va-volume. And no, you don’t need to buy the $600 Dyson one, the $40 Revlon one does just as great a job. I promise 🙂


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