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Find True Love with Specialist Mark Groves

Find true love

Do you find yourself chasing emotionally unavailable partners? Stuck in “situationships” where someone won’t commit? Do you lose yourself in relationships? Do you wonder why this keeps happening to you? In our Valentine’s Day special with Mark Groves he helps us with all of this and more. If you’re on the hunt for tips that will help you find true love and healthy relationships, look no further.

Find True Love & Stop Chasing Emotionally Unavailable People


Mark Groves is a Human Connection Specialist, life and relationship coach, and emotional translator. Here are a few tips from Mark on how to choose and attract your dream partner.

Understand the role of past experiences

Firstly, Past experiences and unresolved emotional wounds contribute to our attraction to emotionally unavailable partners. By looking at past experiences and identifying the patterns, we can make more conscious choices in our relationships. Like Mark said, is it really chemistry or is it wounding? (see below tip!)

Be mindful of the role of chemistry

Additionally, chemistry can be a powerful force in bringing two people together. Chemistry can also cloud our judgment and lead us to overlook red flags or warning signs. It’s important to be aware of the difference between healthy and unhealthy chemistry and to be mindful of how our past experiences may be influencing our current patterns of attraction.

Do the inner work

Also, healing our emotional wounds and gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves is key to breaking the cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable partners. By doing the inner work, we can identify and address the patterns that may be holding us back and create healthier relationships.

Set boundaries and communicate your needs

When we’re attracted to emotionally unavailable partners, we’re more likely to compromise our own needs and desires. By setting clear boundaries and communicating our needs, we can create healthy and fulfilling relationships. Establishing your wants and needs allows you to focus on your own choices rather than the desire to be chosen by others. 

Practice self-care & Prioritize You 

In addition, taking care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally, is important in building healthy relationships. By prioritizing self-love, we can improve our well-being and create strong foundations for healthy connections. Your relationship will be stronger if you take care of yourself! 

By following these tips, we can break the pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable partners and build more fulfilling healthy relationships.

Find true love with mark groves

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