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Deepen Your Spirituality with MaryAnn DiMarco


Did you know we all have psychic abilities? We just haven’t all tapped into them yet! That is what psychic medium and intuitive healer MaryAnn DiMarco is here to help us do! And if you think you are too old or that it’s too late for you, MaryAnn didn’t start her journey until later in life, after her divorce. There is no right or wrong time to begin to deepen your spirituality – it is just about having an open mind! And lucky for us, she gives us tips and tools to help us begin our journeys. 

1) Spirituality is personal 

Spirituality looks different for everyone and that’s ok! There is no “wrong way” to do this. Do what feels best for you as the more comfortable you feel during this journey, the deeper you can connect with your spiritual roots. 

2) Fill yourself up with light every morning

Rather than try to write this one out, click the link to watch a step-by-step tutorial from MaryAnn herself!


4) Spirit guides vs. loved ones

Loved ones don’t usually act as spirit guides. They are there for comfort while guides are there for, well, guidance. You can turn to them when you need answers or help making decisions. 

5) Connect with your spirit guides

Ok, so how the heck do you communicate with these spirit guides? MaryAnn suggests a temple meditation. Create a calming space and invite your guides to sit with you. We know, it sounds a little daunting but really allow your imagination to let loose on this one. Then, ask your spirit guide questions – interview them. 

6) Be the CEO of your spirituality

When Maria’s mother was sick, reiki master Patti Penn told her to demand her angels to help. MaryAnn agrees, explaining that our spirit guides will always show up and are happy to. We just have to trust that we are receiving their messages and not let our self-doubt get in the way. 

7) How to meet with late loved ones  

The “Meeting Hours in Heaven” meditation in her book will allow you to literally “hang out,” for lack of a better term, with those who have passed. For MaryAnn, she envisions her grandmother’s house and her late loved ones all gather there when she does this mediation. And don’t confuse this for a dream, this is much more of a direct line of communication. 

8) This may be blocking your connection to the other side 

Those on the other side are vibrating at a high frequency. When you are in grief, you are in low vibration which can block communication between you and late loved ones. Try looking at a picture of them in a happy moment and envision them in that state, instead of when they were suffering. Or play their favorite song – something to increase your vibrations so that you can match theirs.  Podcasts. 

Maria Menounos guest MaryAnn DiMarco on How to Deepen Your Spirituality

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