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Clear Brain Fog with Maria’s Helpful Tips

Experiencing brain fog? We’ve all been there. There are days that it just seems like no matter what you do you cannot focus or be productive. Here are a few tips to help you clear your brain fog and boost productivity!

Maria’s Tips to Clear Brain Fog
Clean Out Your Space. 

This can start with a physical clean-out. Clean your closet, clean your space. Start small and declutter. This can help bring zen and feelings of peace into your life. You can have things in your life that are jamming your space and vibes that just need a clean-out. Cleaning up and adding things into your space that simply bring you joy, can make the most significant difference. It can lead to increased productivity and make your space a safe space. Your physical space can have an impact on your mental health. There are things that you could not realize are bringing you distress or mental strain. Clutter distracts you without even realizing it. Making your space sparse and minimalist and clean, can allow you to focus on the things that matter most in life. It can bring such a great feeling, and inspiration.

Your space could be holding you back from moving forward and tackling the biggest tasks. Think about it: if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably are never going to use it. Keep this in mind when cleaning out your space. Does an item bring you joy? Do you use it? Ask yourself these questions to clean out your clutter and increase productivity.

Once you’ve gone through your physical space, then you can start moving into a mental clean-out. This can be getting rid of anything you are holding on to that doesn’t bring you joy or positivity. 

Keep Track of What You Are Doing

Create little checklists and keep track of your days and your time. It can be so helpful to look back and see what you did and how productive you were. It can also keep your life organized and help keep your brain on track. Try to keep everything in one place and keep your life as organized as possible. 

What supplements did you take today? What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Having that data to look back to allows you to analyze what you went through and how to get better. Try to make all the little things in life easy so you can tackle the big things. That can start with organizing and creating to-do lists. 

If you actually schedule out the time to do things, it can make it easier and increase productivity. 

Using these tools can allow you to clear brain fog, be more present, and start living in the moment. Most importantly: have empathy for yourself while getting into the routine of things.

Clear Brain Fog with Maria's Helpful Tips

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