“For me, it’s just so fun to watch my parents, who came from a village with no running water, who could’ve never imagined this happening to me, but now happening to them, too. That, to me, is exciting. I think it just shows what this country is about and dreams coming true.” -Maria Menounos

6 reasons to watch Chasing Maria Menounos

  1. Maria’s partner of 19 years, Keven, confesses his deepest & darkest secrets! Or…  maybe he’s just thinking out loud.
  2. Maria shows off the stunning dance skills she honed on Dancing with the Stars
  3. Speaking of DWTS, is that a shirtless Derek Hough we spy? Yes, please!
  4. Although she’s neck deep in celebrity gossip in her day job as the host of E!, she’s still able to laugh at paparazzi pics like the rest of us…
  5. …especially when they’re of herself. Alert Grandpa Costas!
  6. We can’t get enough of Maria’s signature giggle… and we’re bound to hear it a lot this season!

Season 1 Episodes

Tick, Tock Biological Clock

Ep1 Tick, Tock Biological Clock
Maria celebrates her birthday with a star-studded bash.

Mother-In-Law Knows Best

Ep2 Mother-In-Law Knows Best
Maria and Keven promote their film, “Serial Buddies”, but Keven’s mother feels that Maria is stealing the spotlight.

A Nice Greek Boy

Ep3 A Nice Greek Boy
Costas tries to persuade Keven into converting to Greek Orthodox, but Keven is concerned that the change would be seen as a betrayal by his mother. And Maria deals with a newly-discovered medical matter.

Back to My Roots

Ep4 Back to My Roots
Maria and Keven return to their hometown of Boston and inform Keven’s mother that he is converting to Greek Orthodox. And Maria and Keven visit an old friend.

Over Budget and Underspermed

Ep5 Over Budget and Underspermed
Keven visits the fertility doctor. Plus Maria and Keven argue when she discovers he’s been spending money that she’s saved.

Party Pooper

Ep6 Party Pooper
Keven throws a party and upsets Maria by inviting too many guests.

Does Maria Not Like Me?

Ep7 Does Maria Not Like Me?
Maria invites Keven’s mother Kathie to their home to help strengthen their relationship, but an eruption from Costas and a few wrong moves by Maria threaten to drive her further away. Also, Maria and Keven receive news from the fertility doctor.

Family Smackdown

Ep8 Family Smackdown
Maria is invited to wrestle at SummerSlam, and she jumps at the opportunity; but when her family and boss disagree with the decision, life gets difficult. Also, Keven’s refusal to fix their fertility issue takes toll on their relationship.

Costas Down

Ep9 Costas Down
When Costas suffers a frightening diabetic attack the family comes together to hold a health intervention.
greek wedding
Ep10 It’s Good to Be Greek
Keven’s Greek conversion ceremony in Connecticut is intended to join the family together; but when Costas creates a scene, it jeopardizes the happiness of the event.

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