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Change Your Future with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Practices

Maria emphasizes healing on all parts of your life most importantly your health. It’s the time to realign and really hone in on your extraordinary healing journey and bring in the moments to bettering ourselves. We can write our own destiny and guide our own healing journey on such a strong note. By bettering ourselves we can really enter with our highest potentials and higher selves. Change your future with the help of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s practices discussed on Heal Squad’s recent episode.

Maria has done a lot of work with Dr. Joe Dispenza, with meditation and several retreats in his practice. Through her time working with him and following his practices, she has learned a few things about how to maximize your outcomes and change your future. 

How to Change Your Future With Writing

If you want abundance, write down what that feels like. How does an abundant person act or feel? Start mimicking that behavior and things will start to change. To tune-up your vibrations and energy, it isn’t about putting a timestamp on when something is going to happen. This can be easy to revert to and get into the swing of expecting things by a certain date. It’s not about being healed, it’s about what do I have to change. If you want something in life, whether it be money, success, love, happiness, healing, it’s not about that; it’s about asking the question what do I have to change to get that outcome. It’s really all about you changing your perception and the way that you’re thinking to change your reality. Your energy is so powerful that it can change your future outcomes. Whatever patterns or behaviors you are stuck in it is what’s funneling the outcome you are receiving right now. If you want something different you have to change that energy and change the way you’re thinking about things. Most of this starts on the inside, in your mind. 

Break Negative Thought Patterns

You can have these negative thoughts creep in, but think before they really start to sink in — how can I stop them? What do I have to change in order to get the outcome I desire? If you can see what you want and realize you’re not there, there is a distance between the two. You can change this outcome by visualizing where you see yourself and what you want to become or what outcome you want to happen.

Celebrate It As If It’s Already Happening

Don’t waste your precious energy thinking about what you don’t have. Just like getting stuck in the rhythm of grief or something that happened in the past. You’re wasting so much energy on the past that can be funneled into writing and change your future. When you’re thinking about your past, you automatically associate feelings with us. You have to take this and think about your future in the same way. You really have to assign feelings of how you see yourself in the future. What outcome do you want to happen? What do you see your future as? Assign those feelings that you feel in the past to those in the future. Think only positive things. 

Look Ahead, Not Behind

If you only focus on the past, you are pushing your future so much further away from you. Instead, focus your energy on envisioning your future self, focus those feelings and emotions you may feel to your future self and only think about the future and what outcomes you want to happen. Your energy is so powerful. If you keep focusing it on your past your future outcomes will not come to fruition. your mind and body do not know the difference between perception and reality.

All these little changes add up and signal changes and new experiences to come to you. 

Charge your future visions with feelings, stay in the gratitude of what it is you want to delete the separation of time and space. Re-remind yourself to make choices in your future regard. Choose you. Love yourself. Write your future. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza on how to Change Your Future

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