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Jamie Lynn Spears Emotionally Recounts Her Daughter’s Miracle Recovery

Jamie Lynn Spears is known as a teen star, musician, and of course, the younger sister to pop princess Britney Spears, but in today’s emotional interview with Maria Menounos, she revealed herself as a fiercely dedicated and passionate mom.

Opening up about the terrifying ATV accident that almost took her daughter’s life, Spears’ offered a dramatic play-by-play of her miraculous recovery. After Menounos pushed Jamie about some of her most life changing moments, “My oldest daughter was in a really bad accident,” she began, explaining that Maddie on on ATV near her family “with every safety measure that could be taken” when she “somehow or another, drove into the water.”

Spear’s daughter Maddie plunged into the water, and Jamie Lynn and her husband did everything they got to save her, but it wasn’t until first responders arrived that they were able to recover from the terrifying ordeal.

“She wasn’t responding to anything and so it was not looking good for us,” she sending, elaborating that she called in her best priest to read Maddie her last rites. That moment led to the first sign of hope, when during that miraculous moment, she began grabbing at things at things in the air.

“He went to put the oil on her and read the rites and she sat up and started kicking, and her hands started grabbing at all the things,” Spears said. “That was our first sign that she was there.” Amazingly, Maddie has since made a full recovery.

Like Maria’s life-changing brain tumor surgery, Jamie Lynn says that this terrifying, life changing moment has given her a new lease on life. “I’ve faced my worst fear now. What else can I mess up or do wrong that will be as horrible as that? Nothing. There’s nothing,” she shared. “God gave me the blessing of giving me my daughter back. I lost her and I got her back. So I don’t get to make any excuses. I’ve been given the best, biggest blessing you can be given,” Spears added. “I’m not allowed to waste a day on this earth complaining or being ungrateful.”

Spears also opened up about some exciting updates for the Zoey 101 franchise, teasing that there may a reboot upcoming! “I definitely think we should give the fans what they’ve been asking for. We’ve had conversations, and hopefully things will come together quickly, but we also want to do things the right way, and find the right home for it…I would like it [to go Netflix],” Jamie Lynn share with Maria. “That’s the business side. Do I call Netflix?… I want it to happen. I’ve had conversations with people at Nickelodeon. I think it’s just about, hey Netflix, call your people! I’ll have your people call me people!”

Would you be totally here for a Zoey 101 reboot, my dear? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to watch Better Together w/ Maria Menounos every weekday @ 11a PT!

Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham

Jeffrey C. Graham is a writer, host, and producer living in Los Angeles, California. You’ve seen (or heard) his work on Sirius XM, AfterBuzz TV, and Earwolf, among other outlets. Jeff thinks of himself “intellectual,” but he’s a voracious fan of The Bachelor franchise, so perhaps not?

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