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Maria Menounos & Kyle Richards Talk Cosmetic Procedures

Not only are they successful Hollywood entrepreneurs, but Maria Menounos and RHOBH Star Kyle Richards are neighbors! But despite their close proximity, Kyle was STILL forced to ZOOM into her delightful conversation with Maria on Maria’s Daytime Show Better Together w/ Maria Menounos.

Kyle and Maria talked about everything, from the juicy season of RHOBH, to her relationship with former RHOBH cast-mate and sister Kim, to even the behind-the-curtain procedures that celebs are using to keep those faces and bodies tight!

Because of the status of Covid, Maria was eager to learn about what the RHOBH ladies were doing to benefit the cause, and Kyle was candid with the generous philanthropy the RHOBH is offering! On Maria’s show, Richards offered, “When all of this happened with Covid 19, and quarantine and everything, everybody, you know, I was feeling at a loss of ‘what what we can we do to help?’ My clothing line Kyle X Shahida was able to help me purchase 8095 masks, so my husband and I donated part of them to New York city hospitals that were most in need. And then I reached out in the group text to the real housewives of Beverly Hills…all of them, even the ones I wasn’t talking to…’would you guys like to as a group, as a cast, together, come together and donate 5000 masks to the hospitals most in need?’ And immediately they all responded ‘yes, yes, yes, great idea.’ So that makes me feel good we can do something like that.”

Love that!

Keeping it positive, Kyle also offered that she really wants to see newbie Sutton promoted to full time housewife, rather than the dreaded “friend of a housewife” so many newbies get pinned with. On the show, she said, “She’s great for the show, you know, she has a great quirky fun personality. It had nothing to do with her not being housewife material, that’s not why she’s not holding a diamond…When Dolce & Gabbana is designing you crowns every year for your birthday, that’s a pretty good sign that this woman’s the real deal.”

During the show, Maria and Kyle spent 25 minutes chatting about the latest trends in LA Beauty Culture. From “Ponytail Face Lifts” to “MicrodermAbrasions” to “Eyebrow Lifts,” it was quite an education! 

If you haven’t seen the full interview, DEFINITELY check it out in the video embeded in this article, and make to tune into Better Together w/ Maria Menounos every day for more amazing celeb chatter!

Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham

Jeffrey C. Graham is a writer, host, and producer living in Los Angeles, California. You’ve seen (or heard) his work on Sirius XM, AfterBuzz TV, and Earwolf, among other outlets. Jeff thinks of himself “intellectual,” but he’s a voracious fan of The Bachelor franchise, so perhaps not?

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