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Hallmark Star Candace Cameron Bure Talks Faith & COVID-19 & Co-Hosting Hope Rising Benefit Concert w/ Brother Kirk Cameron

Candace Cameron Bure joins Better Together with Maria Menounos wearing a brown stylish hat and having her blond hair in waves. 

“So great to see you! You look so fab,” Maria compliments. 

Photo Credit: Better Together

The Hallmark Queen is giving us quarantine goals!

Maria starts off her podcast by asking how quarantine life has been for Candace so far. 

“To be honest we’re doing ok during quarantine. It’s definitely changed everything and life looks different but I went literally from being an empty-nester to having a full house again because all three of my kids are back home and just that alone made me so happy.” 

How sweet, Candace! If anyone knows how to handle a full house it’s definitely you! 

While being quarantined, Candace is taking the time to slow down, be present, and spend quality with her family.

“This time is incredibly special.” Bure states, “I’m a very positive person anyways so I’m always looking at what positivity comes out from any trying circumstance and this is one of them… It certainly made me slow down but it has opened my eyes to what’s most important which I always say is my family. Now realizing how much more time I can be spending has been really incredible and really being present.”

Candace,  you are the true meaning of Hallmark! We love how positive you are and you make a valid point. It’s easy for everyone to get caught up with work and life but during these difficult times we don’t know what’s going to happen with our jobs. Our family and loved ones will be by our side. 

Maria mentions that she hasn’t had the opportunity to speak with an actor during these uncertain times and was curious if Candace was worried about when the entertainment industry will reopen. 

“The world will reopen at some point, in some degree, but my husband and I keep talking about our industry and how that will reopen.” Menounos explains,“you can’t wear a mask on set and gloves when you’re acting.” 

Candace nods her head,“I’ve had many conversations with my team, my production company as well as all of the networks that I currently work with. I was in the middle of a Hallmark production when we shut down.. I have seven movies lined up to shoot this year for the Hallmark Channel. I shot one and a half of those so far and so we’re talking about that and it’s the unanswered question none of us know but the more I talk to people they seem to think that the entertainment industry may be one of the industries that come back last.”

Wow! Seven Hallmark movies that were lined up and now  on hold. 

“It’s crazy!” Menounos states, “First of all, we here at Afterbuzz TV produce aftershows for every TV show. We cover Hallmark and we have a Christmas 24/7 channel because we love Christmas! My husband won’t survive without the Hallmark movies for Christmas.” [laughs]. 

Maria, you are so right! Since production has stopped, we may not have new Hallmark Christmas movies this year. We agree with your husband [Keven Undergaro]: Hallmark is the definition of Christmas! 

Don’t panic, Hallmarkies! We will all get through this together. Remember, we just have to keep spraying and praying.  

Speaking of spraying…Maria shares some insights on what it’s like on some Hollywood sets.

“I’m in my dressing room…my boots and stuff were in the bathroom..I went to go try on these boots one day and I put the boot on.” Menounos explains, “I go to take it off and something crawls up and it was a huge cockroach that climbed up my leg, jumped out of the knee high boot. I screamed so loud, editors heard me down the hall!”

Don’t worry, Maria, if that had happened to us, people would be hearing our screams outside the building. Hopefully, once quarantine is over, Hollywood sets will be cleaner.  

Maria asked Candace how it was filming the last season of Fuller House and what we can expect.  

“It’s the last nine epiodes of the series and it’s really special, everyone’s going to get a wedding. You are for sure going to get a wedding and it’s the build up so it’s a wonderful ending. I actually haven’t seen it myself. I haven’t seen the last nine episodes and they wouldn’t release them for us to see via computer because they’re  afraid of it getting out. Now with quarantine I can’t go into Warner Brothers and go watch them.” 

Fans (including us) can’t wait until the last nine episodes get released on Netflix! We’re sorry Candace that you didn’t get an opportunity to watch the episodes at Warner Brothers but Maria makes a great suggestion about inviting her and the rest of the cast to watch the finale with Afterbuzz. 

“We’ll have to do a live finale event with you guys, because we do a lot of those for Afterbuzz.” 

Candace’s face lights up.

“Oh yeah, we plan to get together to watch them when they’re released. We’ll have to talk about it!”  

Fuller House fans, be sure to check out Afterbuzz’s aftershow, because the cast of Fuller House might be in the studio to talk about the series finale! 

Next, Candace discusses Hope Rising (a benefit concert featuring some of the biggest Christian artists) that she will be co-hosting with her brother [Kirk Cameron] this Sunday, April 19th.  

Maria wanted to know what inspired Candace and her brother to put together and produce a live Christian concert. 

“We have watched some of the other concerts that have been airing on television…while it was wonderful and artists were incredible, it really felt from our perspective that there was one major thing missing to us; that is the source of true hope and true strength.”

We agree Candace, everyone has enjoyed all of the virtual live concerts that artists have been sharing but it’s great to be able to connect with music that will give us meaning. 

“We wanted to do a benefit concert that would have words of real depth and meaning and so encouraging and worship songs and artists and speakers that would also have hope. “Bure states, “I’m a Christian and I’m very outspoken about my Faith and I love sharing it with people. I’ve never had more people asking me questions as they have in the last month.”

Maria wanted to know where Candace found her encouragement.

“What is that encouragement or hope or something from the Bible that can give answers to what we’re dealing with now..from a Christian’s perspective.” 

“There’s lots of questions that we’re never going to know the answers to because God is all-knowing. 

Bure explains, “We’re not robots. God does not force anyone to believe in him and we have the right to make any decision we want to. God says I’m here and I love you and I’m waiting for you..and I give you my actual strength. God gives us the fruit of his spirit. The fruit of his spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” 

We love that, Candace! Thank you for giving us an authentic point of view of how God is here for us, especially during the challenging times. We are excited to see you co-host and produce High Rise. 

Candace tells listeners that the benefit concert was her brother’s idea and she was quick to join him.

“Yes so this is actually his idea. He called me and said ‘can you help me, do you want to be a part of this?’ That’s when we started reaching out to all of our friends in contemporary Christian music and we have had some amazing people behind it.” 

We’re glad that both Candace and Kirk are teaming up together and enjoyed each other’s company while planning the event. 

“We actually joked we were talking yesterday and we both said I think we’ve talked more in the past two weeks than we have in the last two years. [laughs]. “ 

Busy lives as successful actors can be hard to communicate with each other daily but this is one of the benefits during quarantine.  

Maria tells Candace that she loved watching Kirk on TV when she was younger, “ I remember watching him growing up and having such a crush on him.” [laughs]

We don’t blame you Maria, who didn’t have a crush on  Mike Seaver from Growing Pains?! 

Photo Credit: ABC

Next, Maria wanted to know what Candace’s daily practices are as a Christian. 

“I pray morning and evening but I pray throughout the day… I read my bible daily and I have a Bible study group that I do online with a few girlfriends. We pick a scripture that we’re reading and we go through it and we talk about it, “Bure states,“then trying to fill my mind with good and positive things….I want things that are going to lift me up. Worship music will do that. I love worship music and contemporary Christian music. It’s just constantly on at my house or in my car. ” 

We’re right there with you Candace! Listening to Chris Tomlin always helps us get through our day. 

“What’s it like for you not going to Church.” Menounos ask, “do you go to Church often during non quarantine times? 

Candace smiles while nodding her head, “yeah we go to Church every Sunday when I’m home and we go as a family. I love it..I’ll be honest my husband’s going to hate me after saying this but we’re usually late.” [laughs] “It drives me insane, I’m not blaming him but sometimes I feel like you know we stop and get a coffee or we’re just cruising along and I don’t like missing any of the worship music.” 

Candace we have to admit some of us are kinda like your husband…we’re all guilty of spending a little too much time at the coffee bar but that’s why he’s lucky to have you! We agree that worship is the best part of going to Church and feeling spiritually connected.  

Now during quarantine you can stream Church services online and Candace is doing the same thing with her family. 

“The great thing about worshiping at home and going to Church online is we just airplay it onto our big screen TV. We don’t have to get dressed, no one has to be late, there’s no fighting, there’s no nothing.” [laughs]

Yes and the best part is you can make all the coffee you want in the kitchen and still worship at the same time! 

Right now, people are more connected than ever and want to stay in touch. Candace shares how social media makes her feel more connected, especially within the past couple of years . 

“I feel like social media today makes it that way..I have gone up to some actors thinking that I legitimately know them because I worked with them and I haven’t. I just follow them on social media and I love them so I’m like ‘hey…oh I don’t really know you.’” [laughs] 

You are so relatable Candace and it happens to us all the time. We’re glad we are not the only ones!  

Before Candace signed off she reminded everyone that we all are going to get through this together. 

She’s right and we can all get through this together by watching the Hope Rising COVID-19 Benefit concert presented by Facebook Live airing this Sunday April 19th at 8pm ET.  

Some Christain artists who are performing are Kari Jobe, Kristin Chenoweth, Gloria Gaynor, Natalie Grant, Matthew West, and more. We can’t wait!

Make sure you are following Candace Cameron Bure and  Maria Menounos on social media to keep up to date with all of their projects. Better Together airs live everyday Monday-Friday at 11am PST.   

Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham

Jeffrey C. Graham is a writer, host, and producer living in Los Angeles, California. You’ve seen (or heard) his work on Sirius XM, AfterBuzz TV, and Earwolf, among other outlets. Jeff thinks of himself “intellectual,” but he’s a voracious fan of The Bachelor franchise, so perhaps not?

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