3 Perfect Emotional Wellness Tips From Reiki Master Patti Penn

Patti Penn Raiki Healer - Better Together with Maria Menounos

As one of the central voices in 2018 acclaimed HEAL Documentary (watch now on Netflix!) Reiki master Patti Penn is an important voice in the energy healing community. As the world wrestles with the ever increasing threat of a global pandemic, Patti’s valuable emotional wellness and energy techniques could change your life. Below are three […]

3 Perfect Mindfulness Tips With Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron Yoga Better Together with Maria Menounos

How did the world’s most sought after male model become a thought leader in Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga, and Eastern Philosophy? You’ll have to ask Yogi Cameron, who said goodbye to the catwalk and hello to the yoga mat. Yogi Cameron had an incredible conversation with Maria Menounos, especially in light of the global pandemic, and […]

3 Perfect Mindfulness Tips From Author Caroline Welch

caroline welch better together with maria menounos

Bestselling Author Caroline Welch, co-founder of the globally renowned Mindsight Institute in Santa Monica, CA, is passionate about empowering women with tools that can change the very fabric of their lives. Mindfulness, she says, is the answer to turning off those non-stop “though safaris” that keep us from reaching our full potential. In a recent […]

Practicing Self-Improvement + Bonus DIY Fun

The toxicity that comes from negativity–whether it’s your own or someone you know, is useless if you want to lead a positive and fulfilled life. It’s a new year and there’s no better time than NOW to remove what no longer serves you. SHIFT YOUR FOCUS We all have times where we feel stuck in […]