3 Prefect Tips To Increase Courage from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the world’s #1 life coach and business strategist for GOOD reason. His practical tips and inspiring seminars have changed the lives of millions, and Maria Menounos was thrilled to feature him on her daytime show Better Together to offer amazing practical tips to help all of us face this Brave New World with confidence […]

3 Perfect Safety Tips From Former Secret Service Evy Poumpouras

Did you know that domestic crime and online scams are up 5% during the pandemic? To help us deal with the increased safety concerns around our country, Maria Menounos welcomed former secret service agent and Spy Games co-host Evy Poumpouras to share some incredibly valuable, PRACTICAL insight into how we can better increase the safety […]

3 Perfect Homeschooling Tips From San Marcos Public School Director Betsy Kannenberg

If anyone is going to understand the challenges of homeschooling your family during a pandemic, it’s a working mom. Even better, Dr. Betsy Kannenberg is the program director for the entire San Marcos Unified school district, so she has amazing advice for all of your working parents now facing ANOTHER round of at-home schooling challenges. […]

3 Essential Motivation Tips From Bestselling Author Elizabeth Gilbert

Though she’s most widely known as the author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert has evolved to become one of the world’s leading experts in creativity and motivation. So many of us, women especially, can feel paralyzed by the circumstances in our lives, but Elizabeth Gilbert provides incredible tools for us to make changes in […]

3 Perfect Motherhood Tips From Women’s Day Director Meaghan B Murphy

If anyone understands the complicated beauty of motherhood, it’s Women’s Day content director Meaghan B Murphy. Here are 3 amazing tips on Motherhood during the pandemic brought to you by Meaghan courtesy of Maria Menuonos!  Create a DAILY Routine Schedule things out, especially when kids are in the mix. Try to make quarantine life as […]

Practicing Self-Improvement + Bonus DIY Fun

The toxicity that comes from negativity–whether it’s your own or someone you know, is useless if you want to lead a positive and fulfilled life. It’s a new year and there’s no better time than NOW to remove what no longer serves you. SHIFT YOUR FOCUS We all have times where we feel stuck in […]