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3 Essential Motivation Tips From Bestselling Author Elizabeth Gilbert

Though she’s most widely known as the author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert has evolved to become one of the world’s leading experts in creativity and motivation. So many of us, women especially, can feel paralyzed by the circumstances in our lives, but Elizabeth Gilbert provides incredible tools for us to make changes in our lives and unlock the life we were meant to live. In her conversation with Maria Menounos on the daytime show Better Together w/ Maria Menuonos, Gilbert offers the following feedback.

Give Yourself A Permission Slip To Make Changes In Your Life

Sometimes, all we need to make a major life change is to be reminded that we have the power and permission to make changes in our life. This is one of Gilbert’s most passionate missions. On Maria’s show, she offered, “I often describe myself as a walking permission slip. If I could do nothing but walk around the world telling people, especially telling women, that they have my permission, if they need anybody’s permission, they have my permission to be who they are figure out what works for them. To walk away from any culture, or family pressures, that are oppressing them.”

Sometimes The Best Answer is “Not This”

As you look to make a pivot (thanks to Gilbert’s permission!), you don’t need to have all the answers. So often, we’re paralyzed from making a move because we don’t feel like we have all the answers yet. And that’s fine.

Gilbert articulated this beautifully on Maria’s show, saying: “I always talk about the power of the two words ‘not this.’ A lot of times people are in situations that are not working for them, relationships that are not working, and job situations that are not working. They don’t have a vision yet for the alternative, and it’s so frightening to think of walking away from something and not walking into something right. I always say that you don’t actually need to know what comes next. Sometimes you just need to say just two words that I think begin every journey which is: ‘not this.’

View Suffering As A Gift

So often, we’re afraid to pivot because we’re afraid it will invite more suffering into our lives. Truthfully, this may be the case, but importantly, that’s OK. When Maria asked Gilbert about this, she responded, “Honestly Maria I don’t, think any generation will be spared suffering and hardship. I don’t think any human will be spared suffering and hardship. It’s the first noble truth of Buddhism, and I’ve never seen it contradicted by any evidence of life, but life is suffering. Then comes the really big question which is: can you turn that into grace? Can you turn that into transformation? can you make catharsis out of it? And that’s the human side of what can we do with our suffering.

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3 Ways To Change Your Subconscious Programming from Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton is considered the father of modern epigenetics, but his real passion is offering his audience empowering tools to create their own “heaven on earth.” Through simple but powerful fools, Lipton says that we can reprogram our subconscious mind to alter the way we see the world and experience our day to to day lives. In an incredible conversation with Maria Menounos on her daytime show Better Together w/ Maria Menounos, Lipton offers three amazing tips that we can implement to reprogram our minds and create our very own heaven on earth!

Practice Self-Hypnosis

As we drift off to sleep, our minds enter a state of delta frequency brain function, which is one of the richest brain states for us to reprogram our subconscious. Hypnotherapists work to bring their clients into a delta state as that is when we’re provided access to the deepest corners of our mind. Lipton says: “As you go to bed, put on earphones to listen to a program containing wishes and desires that you’d like to see manifested in your life.”

Practice Energy Psychology

Lipton stresses that improving our mind-body connection is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reprogram our subconcious. On his website, Lipton says, “Energy Psychology is an approach to psychotherapy that involves coaching and healthcare treatment to work on the important mind-body connection. This is helping a lot of people worldwide deal with things like trauma, stress and more.” Tools like emotional freedom technique (EFT) and tap-based acupuncture unlock the power of Energy Psychology and begin to change the way you live your life.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Repetition is another way that we can reprogram our subconscious. Lipton’s draws the astute analogy of our morning commute. Because of our repetitive history with commuting, we’re able to drive to the office while focusing on other things, to-do lists, great conversation, a phone call, or a great podcast. There’s a reason you can recall that amazing podcast episode you listened to on your drive, without being able to recall a single detail of what you saw on the road! In the same way that our practiced repetition with our morning commute has trained our subconscious to operate on it’s own, we can repeat mantras or self-affirming beliefs daily, to build those into our subconscious as well!

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3 Perfect Mindfulness Tips From Author Caroline Welch

Bestselling Author Caroline Welch, co-founder of the globally renowned Mindsight Institute in Santa Monica, CA, is passionate about empowering women with tools that can change the very fabric of their lives. Mindfulness, she says, is the answer to turning off those non-stop “though safaris” that keep us from reaching our full potential. In a recent conversation with Maria Menuonos, Welch outlined the “Three Ps,” – purpose, pivoting, and pacing – to provide us beautiful framework for unlocking the power of Mindfulness in our everyday life.


Caroline Welch’s reserach around the power of purpose to provide our live with meaning and direction are staggering. Only through mindfulness can we unlock our purpose, and importantly, Welch distinguishes that our purpose can in fact change! She says, “there are many myths around purpose, like that it’s one and done. That you figure out your purpose at some point in life, and then you’re set, but as you know we all play so many roles, that actually, with respect to each role we have a purpose and as we change priorities, so to will our purpose.”


So often, we feel stuck in our lives, living out the same routine day after day, feeling dis-empowered to change our circumstances. That’s why Caroline Welch has established the concept of pivoting. She says, Only with an open and clear mind can we recognize when it may be time to make a change, and then have the courage to follow through. While life means constant
change, as humans, we resist change and dislike uncertainty. Pivoting supports us in making change by reminding us that all of our resources – our experiences, skills and relationships – are there to
support us before, during and after Pivoting.”


Pacing is a multi-definition concept that describes both how we view the scope of our entire lives, and how we value and organize our time to make the most of experiences. Caroline says, “pacing begins with presence. Only with an open and clear mind can we discern our priorities in order to pace ourselves. Pacing concerns taking a wider view of our lives and its many chapters so that we can be free of trying to do it all, all at once. Pacing also involves the speed at which we take life in and supports us in single-tasking, slowing down, and regulating the time spent on our devices.”

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3 Perfect Breast Cancer Prevention Tips From Dr. Kristi Funk

Who do the stars go to when they need a double mastectomy? Dr. Kristi Funk, who famously operated on Angelina Jolie in 2013. Dr. Funk is the surgeon to the stars, and her most recent book Breasts: The Owner’s Manuel, provides pages of valuable info that can add years to your life. On Maria Menounos’ show, she provided 3 game-changing nutrition tips that will forever change the way you think about your diet. Check it out!

3 Cups Of Green Tea A Day Will Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk By Half

Green Tea is one of the FASTEST ways to reduce breast cancer risk. On Maria’s show, Dr. Funk offered, ” 3 cups of green tea a day drops breast cancer in half. Squeezing lemon in there bumps the EGCG antioxidant component fivefold. If you’ve had breast cancer, stage one, three cups of green tea drops recurrence by 57% stage to 31% so green tea is massive.”

Despite Popular Opinion, Soy is GREAT.

It seems like opinions around soy are changing almost daily in the medical community, but Dr. Kristi Funk says that soy is not only an OK nutritional contribution to your diet, it’s a GREAT one. On Maria’s show, Dr. Funk admitted that she was a soy detractor for years, until she was forced to dive back into her research when writing her newest book BREASTS: The Owner’s Manual. The chemical compounds in soy actually promote BETA cell receptor attachment in cancer cells, and alpha cell receptors (their counterpart) are the proven growth mechanism in cancer. So by promoting beta cell reception, your knocking out the alpha cell that encourage tumor growth! TLDR; more soy right now!

Say Goodbye To Coconut Oil

Despite popular belief, Coconut Oil is filled with dangerous omega-6 oils that can contribute to serious health problems, including fueling cancerous tumors. Coconut Oil is 90% concentrated, saturated fat. By comparison a beef burger is 60% saturated fat. If you have to go with an oil option, stick to olive oil, which is primarily loaded with omega-3s!

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3 Perfect “Quarantine Hair” Tips From Celebrity Stylist Dimitri Giannetos

Want to elevate your hair game in quarantine? Never fear, Dimitri Giannetos is here. In addition to being Maria Menouno’s stylist, Dimitri’s work has featured  in global leading publications such Vogue, Elle, W,Cosmopolitan, GQ, Schon, V, L’Officiel and Marie Claire. He quickly proved his worth to photographers such as Chen Man, Yutsai, Damon Baker, David Gubert and Paul Empson, whom he’s also worked with on campaigns for Forever 21 ,True Religion,  re-DONE, BeBe, Mary Kay, and Lovesick.

Here are three amazing tips from Dimitri if you want to elevate your hair game!

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Hello Summer ☀️

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For Gorgeous Waves, Braid Your Hair Immediately Out Of The Shower

If you’re looking for gorgeous, natural waves (which are very in right now, BTW), braid your hair immediately after coming out of the shower! It takes 5 minutes, and after your hair dries and you let it out, you’ll have natural, soft, and healthy waves to enhance your look for that next ZOOM call.

For Wispy, Textured Bangs, Use A Razor

Many of us with bangs are DESPERATE to get to the salon to fix them up. Bang maintenance can be notoriously difficult, especially as steering clear of those salons during Covid, but if you want to clean them up, and go for a freer, wispier look, you can use a your leg-shaving razor to split the bottoms. It’s fast, easy, and chic!

Don’t Rely On PHOTOS For Box Colored Hair Products

Ladies, so many of us looking to spice up our hair game during this time, and grocery store box colors are a great way to that! But if you’re going this route, be cautious. Dmitri says that box colors are almost always two shades lighter on the box than they will be on your hair. So as you make a decision on what color you want to go with, look for a photo that is two shades lighter that your desired outcome, and you should get EXACTLY what you want!

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3 Perfect Productivity Tips From Erin Falconer

Bestselling author Erin Falconer went from have seven dollars in her back account to running two digital startups and hosting and producing a widely listened to podcast. In her book “How To Get Sh*t Done,” Erin discusses the many barriers that prevent people, especially women, from living their most productive lives. In an incredibly illuminating interview with Maria Menounos, she shared the following three AMAZING tips below.

Focus Your Work On Three Buckets

Erin says that if we truly want to achieve our deepest goals, we need to zero in on three distinct “buckets” that can get us to where we need to be. Just focus on those three major goals. Where most of your energy should be spent are those three big things at any one time! The best way to track whether or not you’re actually focusing on completing these goals is to create a time journal, and diligently track every minute you’re spending during one week. At the end of the week, see how much of your time went into achieving the goals in you three buckets list, and re-evaluate from there.

YOU Train People To Treat You How They Treat You

This is very, very important. You train people how to treat you. So when you’re responding to an email within one second, every time, or if people are asking you things that aren’t really in your purview, but you’re like, ‘but, I can find out!’ You’ve just trained this person that it’s OK to come to you with things. On a one off, that might not be so bad. But if you do that with great regularity, no you’re getting dozens of emails. It’s not they’re fault they’re emailing you, it’s yours! You email, I’ll respond, and I’ll do it within five minutes. YOU’VE set that expectations. That’s in your control, that’s your responsibility.

Try These Apps

In her book “How To Get Sh*t Done,” Erin makes a list of amazing apps that have changed her life. Below is a list of ten great apps that will change the way you approach and work and productivity, with links! Check it out.

  1. Instapaper
  2. Microsoft OneNote
  3. SmartTime
  4. Microsoft CloudOn
  5. Box
  6. SpringPad
  7. OmniFocus
  8. Wunderlist 2
  9. Google QuickOffice Pro HD
  10. Square

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3 Perfect Health Tips From Dr. Steven Gundry

Did you know raw cucumbers and tomatoes may actually be harming your gut? Dr. Steven Gundry has uncovered fascinating research about lectins and their destructive properties in our gut. Because almost all disease can be sourced from a leaky gut, Dr. Gundry’s research around lectins is crucially important. Dr. Gundry’s interview with Maria Menuonos will forever change the way you view food. Here are three amazing tips that he offers about the dangers of lectins and the diet changes we can make to save our lives!

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Thank you @Gundrymd team for the awesome early 70th birthday celebration!! They made me a lectin-free cake (inspired by my olive oil cake recipe in the original Plant Paradox book) & had a painting commissioned with one of my quotes! 👈 Swipe left to see me test out @billnye ‘s mask efficacy theory ! My birthday cake recipe below: 1 cup blanched almond flour 2 Tbsp arrowroot flour ¼ cup coconut flour ¼ cup tapioca flour   2 tsp baking powder 1 Cup Swerve 1:1 sugar replacement Mix wet mix and combine with dry mix 2/3 Cups EVOO 2 Whole, pasture raised eggs Juice from 1 lemon Peel from 1 orange, micro planed 2 tsp Tahitian Vanilla extract (optional – gives it that birthday cake flavor) Bake in an 8” greased baking pan @ 325 F for about 25-30 mins

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Always Peel Lectin-Rich Veggies

Dr. Gundry’s entire health protocol is based on the gut-wrenching dangers of lectins, plant-proteins that cause the bonds of your digestive tract to break and leak dangerous toxins into your bloodstream, causing a myriad of diereses. When improperly prepared, even many of your favorite veggies contain dangerous lectins, so the key to healthy veggie consumption comes down down to proper preparation. Lectins come from seedy vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, so peeling those vegetables is an essential way to reduce potential gut leakage and prevent future diesease.

Avoid Asprin, Especially For More Than 2 Weeks Continuously

This is a shocker. Many casual, over-the-counter drugs are actually profoundly dangerous for us.  Dr Gundry’s elaborated on his stunning research, offering, “Back in the 1970’sI’m suire when Advil and Motrin and Napperson and Aleve were introduced, they were prescription drug and there was actually a warning from the FDA you should never take these for longer than two weeks. They’re that dangerous. It actually causes craters and ulcers to occur. And now, I mean sad thing is, now we have children’s Advil for goodness sake. These are not benign substances that have worked our way into our standard culture.”

More Olive Oil. MUCH More.

Though it may sound like Dr. Gundry is restircting the only possible foods you could be eating, he’s a BIG proponent of olive oil. Gundry says, “My personal feeling is the only purpose of food is to get more olive in your mouth. the Italians, the Spanish, the Greeks, tend to eat about a liter of olive oil per week. There’s beautiful study out of Spain looking at memory in 65 year old people who are asked to use a liter of OO per week for 5 years. And they actually improved their memory over a corresponding group that was asked to eat low-fat mediteratian diet, and the low-fat diet lost memory, and the olive oil group GAINED memory over five years!”

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3 Perfect Emotional Wellness Tips From Dr. Nicole LePera

Early in her years as a practicing psychologist, Cornell-trained expert Dr. Nicole LePera noticed she was stuck in the same negative thought patterns and beliefs as many of the clients she was trying to help. As a result, she pivoted her entire philosophy on psychological wellness. Now billed as @The.Holistic.Psychologist, Dr. LePera has built a community of nearly 2.7 million #selfhealers on Instagram who have changed their lives through Dr. LePera’s practical everyday healing tools. In her interview with Maria Menounos, she offered the 3 step journey we need to take if we want to break the negative thought patterns and behaviors that are slowing you down.  

Step Into Consciousness

Dr. LePera is adamant that many of the negative patterns in our life our learned behaviors from caretakers in childhood. Because those patterns and comping mechanisms date back so far, they have become an ingrained part of daily lives, and we need to step in consciousness if we want to adapt. She says, “We are endlessly repeating a past, from how we’re acting, to what we’re thinking, to therefore how we’re feeling, and we’re not living in consciousness. So, the foundation, in my opinion, in my practice, and in my own healing journey,  is developing that consciousness: that ability to see that patterning, and then over time to begin to activate new choices.”

Practice Self Observation

Once we’re awakened to our new consciousness, it’s time for us to start practice self-observation. LePera describes self-observation as a chance, “to observe ourself, and to observe our habits. What we want to spend a lot of time observing is our mental our internal world will notice how thoughts are ever present. We are thinking from thet ime our eyes open until the time they go into bed. And many of us are thinking throughout our sleep, right? Endlessly thinking. So we’re spending a lot of time in our minds, and the issue with that is the the narratives, right back to those repetitive stories i was talking about, they become the filters through which we’re viewing all of our experiences, which is why all of our current life looks very similar to that past.

Make Intentional Life Choices

Now that we’re armed with the crucial consciousness and observation skills that Dr. LePera so adamantly stresses, we can step out of old life habits to make NEW choices. Every time we’re confronted with decisions, be them small or life-altering, we can run through those important consciousness and self observation practices. Using our past as a guide, and our 100-foot view as a measurement tool, we’ll be able to make intentional choices that can help us avoid stress, harm, or negative thought spirals.

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I never “came out,” I was found out. My mom was suspicious. Her and my dad drive 6 hours to upstate New York. I was in college. They caught me off guard—knocked on my dorm room door. And, like a scene out of a movie, they caught me with my girlfriend. My mom was devastated. The memory is still hazy, but she yelled so loud someone came down the hall + asked if I needed help. For months, she didn’t speak to me. If I was in her presence she’d walk by me as if I wasn’t there. I was ‘forbidden’ to see my girlfriend. So I spent the next year sneaking around. Hiding. Keeping everything internalized. In my 20s, I went through an experimental phase. I cut my hair off. I wore ties. I was mistaken for a man, even asked to leave bathrooms. Because gay marriage wasn’t recognized by my early 30s, I was married in New York City, but gridlocked in that marriage because I lived in Pennsylvania where legally we could not divorce. I’ve been told to stop kissing on airplanes. I’ve been called a “dyke” walking down a street in Philly with my partner. I had supervisors tell me “you need more makeup, wear earrings, look more feminine to get clients” (this is a direct quote) in my psychoanalytic program. Just 3 years ago my dad told me “we thought we did something wrong” when they found out I was gay. This is the root of all of these projections: insecurity, fear, + low self worth. People’s behavior is how they feel about themselves. And sometimes, that really, really hurts. I created this post for the person in the midst of what I went through alone over a decade ago. You are not alone. There will always be people who misunderstand you. Sometimes these people are those we love + need the most. People who’ve created an identity, a story around who you are to be. People who need time to mourn the death of their own creation. It gets better. Much better. As you integrate this part of you, you become the living example of what it is to be free. With this freedom comes empathy to those who are still caged. Happy pride. I see you. And so does everyone who can clearly see themselves 🌈#selfhealers

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3 Perfect Nutrition Tips from Fully Raw Kristina

Author, influencer and founder of the FullyRaw community, Fully Raw Kristina joined Maria Menounos to unpack some of the WILD tips she learned across her very turbulent nutrition journey. When type 2 diabetes made her chronically ill as a teen she discovered the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet. Determined to help others get healthy too, she shares her story, tips and more with us in this interview. Kristina reminds us that food is medicine, covering the vast health benefits of a raw vegan diet, which will blow your mind! Here are three tips that Kristina offers that can and will dramatically change your life.

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15 YEARS RAW VEGAN TODAY! 🥳🎉🌺🥑🍉✨ I am so incredibly grateful for this journey. It’s changed my life completely. 🙏🏽✨ I went from being a struggling, hyperglycemic diabetic 18-year to a strong, healthy woman. I look back and only imagine what my life would be like without this GIFT of knowledge. ✨🎁 ✨ While it hasn’t been an overnight transformation, every growth opportunity I’ve encountered has shaped who’ve I am today. 🥭 For those who say that diet doesn’t matter, I’m a living testimony THAT IT DOES. Not only can eating more fruits and vegetables help you to feel your best, but also it helps save animal lives and the planet too. 🐛🌎🦋💕 I’ve learned so much the past 15 years, and what I’ll share with you is this: keep moving forward. Every step you take matters. Start with one #fullyraw #vegan meal a day. Plan. Prepare. Share. Learn to grow your own food and live sustainable. Life compassionately. This is an abundant lifestyle! 🥥 And while it may seem like it’s all about the food…it’s about much more than that—it’s body, mind, and spirit healing. 🌸 To those who’ve been on this journey with me and who have continued to support and encourage me…I love you. THANK YOU! Here’s to another 15 years to come!!! 🍓🥒✨ ✨ 📸 Special thank you to @cashgotwings for this fun photo, and thank you @jenjubilee for making sure we have such abundance during our quarantine. We love you! 🥭🍇🍓🥑🍊🍒🍉✨ • Join my upcoming juice group cleanse or check out my programs at 🍌 • #healthy #lifestyle #vegan #delicious #recipes #plantbased #vegans #veganism #veganfood #vegansofig #veganrecipes #vegano #veganfoodshare #organic #fruit #vegetarian #vegetables #crueltyfree #dairyfree #inspiration #rawvegan #rawfood #cleaneating

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Try Mono-Mealing

Believe it or not, Kristina’s radical health transformation began when she focused on eating only one thing: peaches. By doing that, she lost weight, cured her hyperglycemia, and eliminated her pre-diabetes condition. This inspired Kristina to start mono-mealing. During her interview with Maria, she explained the science behind this: “Mono-Mealing is cool beacuse the first bite that you take, it’ll taste so sweet to you, but you’ll know when you’re full because it’ll stop tasting so good. That’s your body communicating to you that you’re full. Most people will never know that because they have so many flavors on their plate that their body is continually excited about it.”

Make Your Own Salad Dressings

Salad dressings are LOADED with sugar, additives, and preservatives that can totally undo the “healthy” aspects of eating a salad. As an alternative to store-bought dressings, Full Raw Kristina advises making your own for a number of reasons. Most importantly, you’re able to track exactly what is going into the dressing you’re putting on your salad. But there’s also something psychologically fun and empowering about crafting your own dressing. It will give you more ownership over your eating, and even inspire some much needed creativity in your life.

Focus on Greens For Your Protein

Most people think that meat is the fastest and best way to increase their protein intake, but Kristina argues in favor of using leafy greens for our protein consumption. She says, “One filet of chicken has about 25 grams of protein in it, but only 40% of that is going to absorbed into your bloodstream because it’s animal protein. . But, on the other hand, if you have about 2 pounds of leafy greens, whether that’s kale or spinach, it can be a variety, it’s going to have about 60 grams of protein in it and 80% of that is going to be absorbed into your bloodstream because it’s plant based!” Remember, some of the strongest animals in the world, like Elephants and Gorillas, only eat greens!

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3 Prefect Tips To Increase Courage from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the world’s #1 life coach and business strategist for GOOD reason. His practical tips and inspiring seminars have changed the lives of millions, and Maria Menounos was thrilled to feature him on her daytime show Better Together to offer amazing practical tips to help all of us face this Brave New World with confidence and courage. Here are three amazing courage tips from Tony Robbins:

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What an honor to be featured on the cover of @real_leaders magazine and its special edition this month — The Crisis Leadership Playbook — written to inspire leaders across industries from all walks of life to focus on using EVERY opportunity, EVEN CRISIS, to create something bigger and better. “In times of great uncertainty, LEADERSHIP is the most valuable skill you can have. Regardless of what’s happening around you as a leader, there’s a part of YOU that’s STRONG. Call on that part of you. The part of you that’s HUNGRY. The part of you that’s COURAGEOUS in the face of unfathomable fear. The part of you that WON’T PUT UP WITH EXCUSES.” I also share my Top 10 qualities of effective leadership during times of crisis in this issue. It just hit stands yesterday — tap the link in bio to check out the digital article and see how we #inspirethefuture. 👊💥🎯⚡️

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Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone Every Day

Tony first validated the fear that all of us are feeling right now: how could we not be afraid? But he mentions that courage isn’t ignoring our fear, it’s having that fear but doing the difficult anything anyway. That’s why we should be doing things that push ourselves out of our comfort zone every day, like trying a really hard workout, getting up earlier than we normally would, or even starting the day with an ice bath like Tony himself. This trains our brain to be courageous and manage discomfort, so we can not only survive times like these, but thrive. What are you doing to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Research Positive News

Tony’s always taught that focus equals feeling, and because so much of our news is economized to report the negative, the world is feeling worse than ever. As a solution, one of the simplest things we can do is to do some simple research of our own to find out encouraging, optimistic news that networks aren’t financially incentivized to report. For example, did you know that early estimates of Covid Fatalities are 20 times more than what epidemiologists are now projecting? This is the information that’s important for us to be digesting right now, as it will shift our focus and change our everyday feelings.

Change Your Body Posture To Encourage Emotional Growth

Tony stresses that motion creates emotion, and that our body physiology directly affects our brains, and simple activities, like changing our posture to a “Superman” power posture, even for just 2 minutes, can increase testosterone levels in our bloodstream by 20%, and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, by 30%, which will make you 33% more likely to confront something you were afraid to confront.

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