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Maria Menounos & Kyle Richards Talk Cosmetic Procedures

Not only are they successful Hollywood entrepreneurs, but Maria Menounos and RHOBH Star Kyle Richards are neighbors! But despite their close proximity, Kyle was STILL forced to ZOOM into her delightful conversation with Maria on Maria’s Daytime Show Better Together w/ Maria Menounos.

Kyle and Maria talked about everything, from the juicy season of RHOBH, to her relationship with former RHOBH cast-mate and sister Kim, to even the behind-the-curtain procedures that celebs are using to keep those faces and bodies tight!

Because of the status of Covid, Maria was eager to learn about what the RHOBH ladies were doing to benefit the cause, and Kyle was candid with the generous philanthropy the RHOBH is offering! On Maria’s show, Richards offered, “When all of this happened with Covid 19, and quarantine and everything, everybody, you know, I was feeling at a loss of ‘what what we can we do to help?’ My clothing line Kyle X Shahida was able to help me purchase 8095 masks, so my husband and I donated part of them to New York city hospitals that were most in need. And then I reached out in the group text to the real housewives of Beverly Hills…all of them, even the ones I wasn’t talking to…’would you guys like to as a group, as a cast, together, come together and donate 5000 masks to the hospitals most in need?’ And immediately they all responded ‘yes, yes, yes, great idea.’ So that makes me feel good we can do something like that.”

Love that!

Keeping it positive, Kyle also offered that she really wants to see newbie Sutton promoted to full time housewife, rather than the dreaded “friend of a housewife” so many newbies get pinned with. On the show, she said, “She’s great for the show, you know, she has a great quirky fun personality. It had nothing to do with her not being housewife material, that’s not why she’s not holding a diamond…When Dolce & Gabbana is designing you crowns every year for your birthday, that’s a pretty good sign that this woman’s the real deal.”

During the show, Maria and Kyle spent 25 minutes chatting about the latest trends in LA Beauty Culture. From “Ponytail Face Lifts” to “MicrodermAbrasions” to “Eyebrow Lifts,” it was quite an education! 

If you haven’t seen the full interview, DEFINITELY check it out in the video embeded in this article, and make to tune into Better Together w/ Maria Menounos every day for more amazing celeb chatter!

Dorinda Medley On Leah McSweeney: “I Think She’s Great!”

Dorinda Medley’s Berkshire’s getaway Blue Stone Manor is almost as famous as the RHONY star herself, so Maria Menuonos was thrilled to see her broadcast straight from that location when she featured Dorinda on her Daytime Show Better Together w/ Maria Menounos.

Dorinda and Maria dove right into an amazing conversation, discussing how they’re each coping the readily evolving Global Pandemic, how they’re managing to stay healthy despite a Quarrantine, and of course, most importantly, all of juciy RHONY details we can expect this season!

As a recent guest of her show, Maria of course had to ask about Bethenny Frankel, who recently left the franchise, but who has been doing some impressive philanthropy of her own, courtesy of her charity B Strong. Despite the producers trying to paint otherwise, Dorinda and Bethenny are on excellent terms. “I talk to her almost every day,” offered Medley. “Bethenny and I are really close. One thing about Bethenny, she knows how to activate and get things going…she gets right in there and does it. She’s had some really huge success.”

Of course, Dorinda’s not on perfect terms with every housewife, and we wouldn’t be expecting a good season if that weren’t the case! We’ve seen Dorinda tease some tension between her and Tinsley, and Dorinda was candid about what we can expect this season when Maria asked who Dordina would LEAST like to Quarantine with!: “Yeah, that’s the real question. Probably, Tinsley. Because, we’re just so different. We just run our lives so differently, you know. We’re, we’re totally different women. And it’s not because she’s bad and I’m good, and she’s this. We’re just very different. I like women of like minds.”  

In terms of Tinsley’s bestie Leah, things are looking more cordial in that department. “I think she’s great,” offered Medley. “We had a little bit tough of a start. We started off a little rough, I don’t know if was the, you know, this association with her “best-friend”, you know her “new friend” Tinsley, or Tinsley’s “new friend” Leah, and the tattoo’s threw me, because I grew up with a generation where tattoo’s threw all of us. Um, but she is really a great addition. She’s a strong character, she brings a different ingredient to this cake called, The Real Housewives of New York City, and um, she holds her own.”

Maria and Dorinda didn’t ONLY talk Housewives, and for their full conversation, make sure you check out the embedded video, and watch Better Together w/ Maria Menounos every day on YouTube!

Colton Underwood On A Randolph Family Reality Show: “We’ve Had Meetings.”

Bachelor Heartthrob Colton Underwood was featured on Maria Menounos’ daytime show Better Together where he opened up about the under-discussed side effects of the Hydroxychloroquine prescription to battle Covid-19, his possible new Randolph family reality show, and being in production for a new project that he’s hosting!

Photo Credit: Better Together with Maria Menounos

Hydroxychloroquine has been a controversial new item in the past week, but Colton Underwood told Menounos that he feels the drug “saved his life,” with some caveats. Apparently, the drug carries with it some gnarly side effects: 

“I had been warned about night terrors, for the Hydroxychloroquine…there were night terrors, there was additional anxiety which I did experience a little bit, I think. But everyone’s anxiety is running a little high right now, mine especially was because of the fear of the unknown.”

But aside from that, Colton seems to be in better health, and better spirits! And speaking of better spirits, Underwood dished on some crazy news around the Randolph family, with whom Colton is currently living in Huntington Beach as he cohabitates with his girlfriend Cassie Randolph. When AfterBuzz TV host and Bachelor superfan Jeffrey Crane Graham asked Underwood about the potential of the Randolph Family doing their own reality show, Underwood offered:

Photo Credit:

“We’ve talked about it, we have, and I think we’ve had enough experience in that genre to have a little bit figured out, but at the same time we’re sort of skeptical and sort of trying to figure out what — it would have to be purposeful, it would have to be meaningful, but, um, we’re open to it. We’ve had conversations and we’ve had meetings for it so we’ll see if it ever happens, but there is definitely enough entertainment within this family and within this story, to, uh, keep people entertained.”

Even if the reality show is a long way away, we will soon be seeing Colton on our screens again. Colton gave “Better Together” the exclusive that he was already in production on a new hosting production, with 3 episodes in the can:

“I’m going to be announcing it shortly, um, but we, so we have 3 episodes recorded prior to the quarantine, and then, we’re sort of, like everyone else right now, trying to figure out how we’re going to work the remaining 5 episodes of the 8 episode series we’re doing. We’re excited for it.”

In the meantime, we’ll just have to see how Colton and Cassie’s relationship blooms. Menounos asked about possible wedding venues, and even offered her house in Connecticut!  

Photo Credit: Yahoo

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3 Perfect Tips For Empaths From Dr. Judith Orloff

Board-certified psychologist and 5-time author Dr. Judith Orloff has changed many lives with her research, and her compassionate reserach into the unique benefits and challenges of empathic living has revolutionized her field.

She and Maria Menounos had an incredibly valuable conversation about the nature of the empathic experience, and if you’re an empath, these three tips are absolute musts if you want to maintain emotional balance!

Eliminate Emotional Vampires From Your Life

You know those people in your life who just seem to suck all of the joy and energy out of the room? Dr. Orloff calls the emotional or energy vampires, and empaths are especially sensitive to their parasitic ways. “You see, the problem though with energy vampires who drain empaths are that they’re unconscious. And you know if they’re drinking, and they’re nasty, then that’s a terrible combination! I would have just removed myself as far as I could from that person, because it’s just so unpleasant and I’ve left dinner parties when that happens. I’ve left you know I politely excuse myself when it’s just getting out of control.”

Let Yourself Cry

Even in adulthood, the world often tells us to “be a big girl” or “be a big boy” when we get emotional, but Dr. Orloff says crying is healthy, and can be a very positive outlet for empaths: “Being able to cry is so beautiful, crying is a release of stress hormones, and the tears heal. It’s an emotional release .It’s a form of connection. No, it’s beautiful, and a lot of people are ashamed of crying. I love to cry. I wish I would cry more. 

Learn To Shield Yourself From Other’s Negative Emotions

Empaths are more prone to “empathic illness” than non-empaths, that is, picking up the negative energy and symptoms from others. Many empaths are mis-diagnosed when they’re dealing with empathic illnesses, “If you’re an empath and you have an empathic illness, and part of your anxiety is due to the fact you haven’t learned how to shield from other people’s anxiety, or other people’s symptoms, the proper treatment is not going on an antidepressant, it’s learning how to shield yourself. It’s learning self-care techniques so that you don’t take on other people’s illnesses.”

Are you an empath? Do you totally relate do the three points outlined above? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to watch Better Together w/ Maria Menounos every day at 11a PT!

3 Perfect Mindfulness Tips With Yogi Cameron

How did the world’s most sough after male model become a thought leader in Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga, and Eastern Philosophy? You’ll have to ask Yogi Cameron, who said goodbye to the catwalk and hello to the yoga mat.

Yogi Cameron had an incredible conversation with Maria Menounos, especially in light of the global pandemic, and he offered 3 incredible tips that we’ve highlighted below to foster more mindfulness in your life!

Perception Is Everything, So Look Inward

We’re in a global pandemic, which makes the day to day living situation of many more challenging than ever, but Yogi Cameron importantly reminds us that perception is everything. We have the ability to control our emotional state based on how we choose to precieve our experience. On Maria’s show, he offered, “Perception is everything. However you look at this, this could be the greatest time. I’m talking to people all over the world, and some of them are having the most amazing breakthroughs. Some other people are having the worst time of their life. So the moment is certain people’s reality and I think if everybody starts looking inward more, and not so much outward in their life, everybody will sort of have a peaceful time and understand what it means to their life as an individual.”

Embrace Stillness

For Yogi Cameron, anything can be an opportunity. For the first time, many in the world are being forced to confront stillness, and stillness is something Yogi Cameron hopes to see the world become more comfortable with. During the show, he offered, “The people who are having the best time and the ones who can enjoy the stillness and say, ‘what does this mean for the next phase of my life?’ How have I been living, and how can I better how I’m living with nature with my neighbors with people? And taking a good look at everything, because this is an unprecedented time in our history where the whole world has to slow down together, and stillness was created together.”

Reduce Your Use Of Mind Altering Substances

Though it can be easy to use mind altering substances to medicate stress, anxiety, or panic, overuse of these substances can eliminate your ability to take care of yourself. Cameron observed, “The problem with taking any type of mind-altering substances, let’s call them, is that if you use them medicinally, for a short period of time, they’re OK, if you use them long term, they alter your mind. We never want to be out of our minds, in that sense. If you keep using it for six months, your body’s mechanism can’t take care of itself.”

Any other mindfulness techniques that Yogi Cameron missed? Comment down below, and make sure to watch Better Together with Maria Menounos everyday at 11a PT!

3 Amazing Summer Cooking Tips From Chopped Chef Marc Murphy

Marc Murphy has been a judge on chopped for over 42 seasons, and for good reason. His simple but delicious cooking has made him a staple on The Rachel Ray Show & Beat Bobby Flay.

He joined Maria Menounos for a special July 4 episode of her daytime show to talk about some of the best summer cooking tips you didn’t know you needed to know!

Grill Your Romaine!

Looking to elevate your salad game? Something as simple as grilling your romaine will add a totally new dynamic to your favorite salads, especially in the summer! On Better Together, Chef Murphy taught Maria how to grill romaine in it’s most simple form. Some salt, pepper, lemon juice, and a heavily oiled grill will lead to a smokey, delicious base for a fantastic salad! Just make sure to clean those romaine hearts before popping them on the grill!

Watermelon, Mint, and Feta Make A DEADLY Delicious Combination

If you want refreshing, look no further than a Watermelon, Mint, and Feta salad to elevate your side dish game. The sweetness of the watermelon, savoriness of the feta, and brightness of the mint will combine to throw a literal PARTY in your mouth, and it couldn’t be easier to prep!

Season, Season, Season

Do you find your food tasting bland? You’re probably not seasoning it enough. A simple salt and pepperseasoning will elevate any dish your prepping, and the harsh flames of a grill mean liberal seasoning is important to really make that flavor pop!

Any summer grilling tips we missed? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to watch Better Together everyday at 11a PT!

3 Female Bio-hacking Tips from Alissa Vitti

Alissa Vitti has attracted a wide and passionate audience of women (including frequent guest Gabby Bernstein) owing to her deep and profound understanding of the female endocrine system. Specifically, Vitti has poured decade of reserach into the hormone fluctuations women experience during the menstrual cycle (which Vitti calls an “Infradian” rhythm), and has developed a biohacking system by which women can eat and exercise properly depending on which phase of their cycle they’re in!

In her conversation with Maria Menounos, Vitti offered 3 incredible tips to biohack your Infradian rhythm!

Adjust Your Workouts Depending On Your Cycle Phase

Because of the hormone changes in our bodies during the four main phases of women’s Infradian cycles, certain workouts will be much more effective during certain times of the month. Vitti says that higher intensity workouts, interval training, and aggressive cardio are best during the first half of your cycle (during your menstrual and follicular phases), where as gentler workouts like Yoga, Pilates, and walking are better during the second half of your cycle (during ovulation and your luteal phases).

Consider Ditching Coffee

I know, I know, what else is going to get us going in the morning? But the effects of Caffeine can be shockingly negative in women’s reproductive wiring. Vitti offered, “Just something as simple as having caffeine on an empty stomach, for example, will disrupt your blood sugar for the next 24 hours. Women with PCOS are just as sensitive to any woman is hormonally. There’s a whole section of the new book [In The Flo] about Caffeine because it turns out 50% of the population doesn’t have, or has a genetic variation, that doesn’t allow you to make the enzymes to break to caffeine efficiently in the body. If you’re part of that 50%, you’re then developing caffeine toxicity.”

Schedule Social Events and Projects During Ovulation

During the ovulatory phase of your cycle, the hormones generated stimulate the social and productivity centers of your brain, which means it’s a great time to Get. Shit. Done (to quote another former guest, Erin Falconer!) If you have any big projects, presentations, or even an highly anticipated first date, you may find yourself performing at higher levels if you schedule those during ovulation! (Just be careful if you end up going with that gentleman from the date!)

Which bio-hacking tip are YOU responding to most? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to watch Better Together with Maria Menuonos everyday @ 11a PT!

3 Perfect Happiness Tips From Psychologist Katarina Blom

All of us could use a bit more happiness, which is part of the reason Swedish psychologist Katarina Blom has almost 2 million views on her TED Talk from 2018. Blom is passionate around the social science of happiness, and she offers practical ways that we work to achieve more happiness in our life. Blom is the first to admit that happiness isn’t some “light switch” that we could just turn on if we’re feeling sad, BUT, we can foster habits in our life that will make us more ready to achieve happiness!

In her conversation with Maria Menounos, Blom offered tons of important tips around happiness. Here are the three of the best, featured below!

24/7 Happiness Is Biologically Impossible

Though Katarina Blom is a happiness psychologist, she is the first person to recognize that happiness isn’t something we can hold onto 24/7. Paradoxically, by trying to force happiness and ignore our more challenging emotions, we actually lose our ability to recognize happiness when it DOES come. “We need to hold our happiness with a light hand. This is something we should long for, but I won’t push way sadness or anger or being afraid, because they deserve equal amount of attention. What resists, persists. If we try to push those away, we’ll feel ourselves feeling stuck and not very alive.”

Find Flow To Find Happiness

Have you ever been doing something you love and completely lost track of time in the best way? Maybe you’re writing your screenplay, or learning a new song on the piano, or even putting the finishing touches on that report for your manager. During that time, you were completely lost in FLOW. On Maria’s show, Blom explained this concept beautifully:

“Flow is when you’re doing something and you’re doing it so intensely and you feel almost immersed into this activity that you yourself you can’t think about anything else than just doing this activity. For example we, often think about artists that are experiencing flow. Or rock climbers, or someone someone playing the piano in this very elegant way are experiencing flow. And the cool thing about flow is that we are performing at the height of our capacity while still being kind of relaxed and at ease.”

Find the activity that brings you flow, and it’s a great way to achieve more happiness in your life.

Foster Positive Relationships

Though it may seem obvious, the importance of positive relationships in your life can’t be overstated. And research shows it’s not having a large group of friends that promotes happiness, but a small group of intimate friends with whom we can be open and vulnerable with. Blom said, “Functioning relationships in our life is one of the strongest factors connected to happiness. Having good, supportive relationship is really important for our well being. It’s not important that we have loads of friends, but just a few that we can really be open, honest, and vulnerable with.”

Any other happiness suggestions that have helped you in your life? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to watch Better Together with Maria Menounos every day at 11a PT!

3 Perfect Relationship Tips From Dr. Pepper Schwartz

You may know Dr. Pepper Schwartz as an expert from Married at First Sight, but she has an impressive academic background that far precedes her reality TV career! As the author of over 25-books on love and relationships, Dr. Schwartz knows a thing or two about romance!

In a recent interview with Maria Menounos, Dr. Schwartz offered three amazing tips to help you in your romantic relationships!

Don’t Strive For Perfection

We have been culturally conditioned to expect our romantic relationships to have perfect fairy tale qualities because of TV and Film.

On Maria’s show, she described a great romantic partner, saying, “there are the foundational elements that you want, and this person has them, you know? So many people are just stuck on a ‘soulmate.’ Again there’s so many fairy tales around relationships. You know, look at all the Disney films about the prince and the princess. Oh my gosh, we’re still dressing little girls as princesses!”

Check Yourself For Love Addiction

Romantic relationships should be pursued as chance to find mutual affection and growth with a person that you love. But so many of us end up romantically tied to the wrong person, and refuse to let them go because we’re suffering from love addiction. On this, Dr. Schwartz offered, “I’ve been that person. Now I’m the person who sees it in others and tries to get them out of it and them from something that’s really hurting them. I’ve certainly lost friends for a time. There’s a love addiction every bit as powerful as heroin and other horrible drugs. You’re in a cycle of endocrine attachment. When you get the reinforcement you’re flooded with the androgens, it’s just a high, high. But there’s a low, low.

Do What Works For You And Your Partner

There is no hard and fast rule-book for what makes a “perfect relationship.” Instead, communicate with your partner, and figure out what makes both you happy individually, and as a couple. For Dr. Schwartz, it means not sharing the same living space as her husband 24/7. She opened up about their attpical living situation on the show, saying, “I have an unusual relationship with my husband. Although we’ve been together 15 years, we’ve both been married before, and like a lot of people, who got married later in lif,e we had to hold onto commitments in terms of where we lived. So instead of battling it out, because he likes being on the water and I like being in the mountains, we don’t live together. We go back and forth to each other’s houses, you know he was just here for four days. I’m going to go over there tonight. We both really like it.

Would you ever choose to live in a different house as your parnter? Comment down below, and for more amazing tips, watch Better Together w/ Maria Menounos every weekday at 11a PT!

3 Perfect Stress Management Techniques From Dr. Pamela Peeke

If anyone understands what it means to be “busy,” it’s Dr. Pamela Peeke. Dr. Peeke is a Pew Foundation Scholar in Nutrition and Metabolism, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland, holds dual masters’ degrees in public health and policy, and is a Fellow of both the American College of Physicians and the American College of Sports Medicine!

And yet, despite all of this business, Dr. Peeke has managed to find balance in her life and she developed a reputation for the incredible, applicable stress management techniques she’s developed that have changed hundreds of lives. Based on her incredible chat with Maria Menounos, here are three of her most valuable stress management takeaways!

Eliminate Toxic Stress From Your Life

Dr. Peeke makes a very important distinction in her teaching around stress management. Not all stress is bad stress. Minimal levels of stress are what allow us to increase our productivity and deliver projects when we need to! She elaborated, “Some stress allows you to really optimize performance. These are all incredibly good things. These are good forms of stress that are productive, that allow us to evolve, to learn, to grow, to challenge ourselves. Rock on with that one! The kind of stress that will destroy you I call it ‘toxic stress.’ Just remember: when you feel helpless, hopeless, and defeated, those are the three guys right there that create toxic stress in your life.”

Hit “Pause” On Your Pre-Frontal Cortex

When you can FEEL stress building in your life, having that awareness and learning to hit “pause” on your pre-frontal cortex is a game changer. Dr. Peeke says that our pre-frontal cortex is the “CEO of our Brain,” and that hitting pause can get us out of trouble. Peeke offered, “Hitting pause literally helps you reign in impulsivity, irritability, impatience those are the three “I’s,” and then they allow you to strategize, organize, and plan.”

Take A Deep Breath

We hear it so often that it has become a cliche, but the science behind deep breathing really is a game changer. On Maria’s show, Peeke really dove into the nitty-gritty science of deep breathing, and why it’s so important! She said, “I’d encourage taking a deep breath, which by the way, physiologically, is very coo. Deep belly breaths stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and when you do that, it stimulates calm because out from the brainstem come endorphins and beta endorphins. So you’re kind of, you know, living off your own high. It calms you down, at the same time i,t reduces heartrate snf blood pressure.”

If you haven’t yet, check out the full interview with Dr. Pamela Peeke, whose ability to blend charm, humor, and hard science are second to none! And make sure you subscribe to Better Together w/ Maria Menounos for even more amazing takeaway, everyday.