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Candice Kumai’s 5 Simple Nighttime Rituals

Candice Kumai

The golden girl of wellness Candice Kumai joined us on Better Together. She and Maria talk easy skincare routines and nighttime rituals that you can implement immediately. Although, sometimes it isn’t always feasible to add all of these tips into your routine due to busy schedules, cost, etc., we hope that these can inspire you to start somewhere. Pick and choose what is right for you and what is doable! 

Candice Kumai’s Nighttime Ritual Tips

1. Dedicate yourself to a good skin routine 

Candice is always sure to take all of her makeup off at night using a good cleanser. She mentioned a few that she loved; anything from Kora Organics (Mushroom Milky Cleanser) or DAMDAM Cream Cleanser, and then follows up with the Shiseido ultimune serum. She loves Japanese skincare for healthy and glowing skin – sharing less is more!  

2. Put away the electronics

Candice starts her bedtime routine at 8pm, in which she shuts off all electronics and gets ready for the night. She says that helps her clear her mind and spend quality time with her significant other, pets, etc. and has been a game changer in her nighttime routine. 

3. Set The Mood

Candice says creating a clean and calming environment plays a critical role in her nighttime routine. She love turning on a salt lamp and her essential oil diffusers to create her perfect space for the ultimate tranquility. This will keep you relaxed and calm, which is how you want to end the day.

4. Read a good book

5. Try holding crystals while you sleep

This may sound super spiritual and “woo woo” but Candice found them to be quite comforting to add to your night time routine. She says that you can even put them under your pillow or leave them on your nightstand to add good energy in your life.


In this episode, Maria and Candice also discussed how they stay grounded in gratitude and the practices that help them enforce that muscle. Lastly, Candice and Maria bond over being first gen, discuss why we should be proud of our heritage and even share lessons they learned from their cultures. 

Listen to our full interview with Candice here

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