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Breaking Toxic Patterns and Setting Boundaries with Audrina Patridge

Maria Menounos on Breaking Toxic Patterns and Setting Boundaries

Audrina Patridge, first known for her appearance on the reality TV show “The Hills”,  joins the Better Together team to share her first hand experience with fame and how her time on the show impacted her. For Audrina, the show broadcasted her relationships and choices she was making throughout her teenage years and it left her with some lasting lessons. She shares about breaking toxic patterns and setting boundaries.

Breaking Toxic Patterns and Setting Boundaries with Audrina Patridge
Her Price of Fame

Audrina says that being in the public eye during her teenage years was difficult. Having to relive and watch her life on camera made her at times feel shameful, humiliated, and even stupid. As her fame progressed she found herself being surrounded by paparazzi and having to constantly act “cool, calm, and collected” as she was internally struggling. She began to slowly break. Audrina said she was broadcasted breaking down crying while appearing on Dancing With the Stars while she was trying to not show this side of herself to the world. Audrina said her “carefully crafted facade began to fade” as she began to recognize how emotional she really was while trying so hard to keep her public image “surface level and light hearted” in the public eye. As she began to get caught more often by the paparazzi crying, she realized that she needed to start making changes and she wanted to start with her mental health. As Audrina entered her mid twenties, she identified she wanted to seek out a therapist in order to change the common pattern of her “learning the same lessons”. She wanted to become guided with a new perspective as her life continued to change. 

How to Reclaim Your Power With Audrina

A vicious cycle that Audrina identified while she continued to grow was her habit of losing herself in relationships. She constantly found herself accepting things she should not have and aspired to learn how to start setting boundaries and developing healthy habits. She started to process relationships differently while learning how to identify manipulation, which she initially struggled with as she identified as a “people pleaser”. As her career progressed, she learned how to set boundaries professionally. Audrina was asked to remove her top on camera and also be a feature on Playboy, both tasks that she did not want to do as she had agents and managers around her trying to pressure her to do. Audrina even got offered an acting position that she declined because it did not fit with the vision she had for the direction she wanted her career to go. 

Maria Menounos guest Audrina Patridge on Breaking Toxic Patterns and Setting Boundaries


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