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BossBabe Co-Founder Danielle Canty on Launching a Business

Danielle Canty went from being a chiropractor in the UK to running a global multi-million dollar entrepreneurship-based franchise in just 2 years at the age of 25. The BossBabe founder reveals how she was able to do this and how you can too using her practical, tangible action steps for launching a business.  


Don’t skip the plateaus 

You don’t have to be on an uphill struggle all of the time. Life is a series of mountains and plateaus. While you are in those calmer seasons, take the time to rest and gather yourself before the next challenge. We often struggle in those quiet times, feeling like we must constantly be on the go when in reality, those recharging periods are necessary for the hefty goals you want to accomplish. We also need to trust that the universe is putting those pauses in place for us so that we can be ready. Sometimes we think we are ready to take on that next mountain, but we are not. 

Maria Menounos Guest Danielle Canty on Launching a Business
Your mindset will make or break you

It is all about your mindset, not your skillset. Mindset takes you 80% of the way, and skill carries you for that extra 20%. Unless you have the attitude and confidence to be better, you will keep failing.  


The foolproof way to avoid failure

If you don’t quit, you can’t fail. It’s that simple. Maria and Danielle both failed more than other people, which is why they are where they are. They kept going after all of their failures until they made it. That ability to keep going will set you apart. 


How to overcome perfectionism

For Danielle, the fear and pain of not going after her dream outweighed the pain of possibly failing in the process. So if you are hesitant to chase a goal that seems so far out of reach, think about the regret you would feel not trying and let that serve as motivation to get started. 


The pool of competition only shrinks with time 

Many times, we take ourselves out of the race without even knowing it. If you just focus your eyes in your own lane and keep running, you will one day look up and see how much smaller the pool of competition has become. Maria had a ladder analogy in which she just envisioned herself climbing a ladder and slowly everyone would keep falling off because they made poor choices or gave up and eventually, she made it to the top because she kept her eye on the prize, worked hard, and didn’t worry about what others did. 


Danielle started her career by googling 

When Danielle decided she wanted to change careers, she literally googled “location independent businesses” and went from there. That is how she started her journey and 2 years later, she scaled a multimillion dollar company. If you want to try something new, literally just google how to get started. Nowadays, all of the information we need is at our fingertips and we don’t need fancy degrees to be capable of launching a business. 


Rejection is just redirection 

Danielle was trying to make something happen that just wasn’t working – she described it as trying to fit a circle into a square. And while she was so upset to let go of this amazing opportunity, after doing so, so many doors opened up for her. Trust that the universe has a bigger plan when things aren’t going your way, especially when launching a business. 


How to successfully launch your business 

The most important part of flying is takeoff. Pilots need to pay more attention to make sure everything goes smoothly for this step because if all goes well, they can mostly coast on autopilot in the air. Same with business. The beginning will require some more attention as systems are being created and put into place but once that is set, you are able to lean back and relax a bit. And all of your energy needs to be exerted into the project – like during takeoff, everything has to be pushing into the same direction to get the airplane off the ground.


How To Find A Mentor

A piece of advice we always hear is to find a mentor. But what if you are new to a business or a fresh college grad, how do you find someone then? When Danielle lived in a small village with no access to the billionaires or businesspeople she is around now, she went to the most successful store in her town and asked the owner questions. And she did the same at college. She found people along the way that were just a little bit ahead of her and absorbed as much knowledge from them as she could. 


When you take responsibility on your side, people take responsibility on theirs

One thing that Danielle and her business partner Natalie are always doing is taking personal responsibility. Doing so not only creates a space for the other to feel safe to own up to their actions, but also fosters an environment of growth in which the two are constantly learning how to better communicate and work with one another. 


When you don’t address the things that can stop you, they will 

If we don’t address the obstacles in our way, they will trip us up. You must own the things that can potentially hold you back, and take action steps to overcome those hurdles. 


Your new and improved “to-do” list 

Danielle shares her spin of the “to-do” list in which she creates 3 sections: to do, to don’t, and to delegate. To-do are things that she is doing to complete, “to-don’t” are things that would be nice to have done but aren’t necessary. Ask yourself this if you aren’t sure of putting a task in this category: is this actually moving the needle? And a “to-delegate” is work she is going to send to someone on her staff that is better equipped to handle it. 


No one has it all together 

Just a reminder that no one has all their sh*t together, no matter how much they pretend they do. Don’t let the ingenious and inaccurate representation of their lives affect how you view yours. 


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