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Pyschic To The Stars Jae Rae on Afterlife, Deja Vu & Lessons on Spirituality and Life

Clairvoyant and psychic to the stars Jae Rae sits in with the Heal Squad to talk about everything from the afterlife to spirituality. However, Jae Rae’s wisdom goes far beyond the spiritual realm as she opens up about her own journey, the struggles she faced, and the lessons she learned along the way. Today, Jae Rae rolls with the top 1% having developed a clientele full of billionaires and A-list celebrities, including J-Lo. However, she has not always lived such a glamorous life. Growing up with divorced parents, a narcissistic mother, and a heroin-addicted father, Jae Rae found comfort in talking to God. She knew He was always protecting and guiding her through life. 


There is an afterlife

Life beyond the physical world is full of bliss. That is why when right before someone passes, they have an adrenaline rush that causes them to open their eyes. They experience the highest peak of serotonin because they are excited to go home. 


Deja Vu is real

We experience linear lives meaning our soul is inhabiting physical beings of all times, like a character living in multiple time periods during a movie. This is where deja vu comes from – when for a split second you are in 2 lives at once. 


Spirituality is unique to everyone  

Spirituality is not specific to a religion but is instead based on one’s perception of life. Everything has value and negativity will only exist where you let it. 


A low vibration attracts negativity 

The lower your vibration, the easier it is for negativity to find you. This can occur through abusing substances or surrounding yourself with low-vibrating people. As Jae Rae puts it, doing so is like handing your consciousness to a kid driving a car, and letting them steer your life.  


Talk to God during tough times

During rough times, Jae Rae talked to God. For her, God was a protector and was always there for her. 


Accept and love people for who they are

Jae Rae’s relationship with her mother has been anything but smooth sailing, yet she has chosen to accept and love her for who she is. She holds on to the positive and with empathy, lets go of the negative. 


Only you can create your own happiness

 Jae Rae’s mother put her life and happiness in the hands of men, however, Jae Rae reminds us that happiness comes from within. It is no one else’s job to make you happy. 


Do not interrupt others’ lessons

We often want to eliminate any pain in our loved ones’ lives, however, sometimes they need to go through tough times to grow and evolve. We must learn through the pain. 


Think of hardships as learning lessons

Holding this mindset will raise your vibration and prevent you from falling into the darkness of victim mentality. 


Do not care what others think of you

As the saying goes, hurt people, hurt people. Show sympathy and empathy for these individuals, and don’t let their negativity affect you.  


Beware of destination happiness

Destination happiness is the idea that achieving people, places, things, etc. will make you happy. It is not in those items that we will find happiness but instead within ourselves. Chasing happiness will only lead to failure. 


Protect your energy

The key to protecting your energy is to create boundaries. Jae Rae will turn off her phone during dinner, not work on weekends, etc. She suggests implementing these boundaries gradually and eventually, it will become a habit.  


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