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6 Phases of Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani

Maria Menounos on Phases of Meditation

Vishen Lakhiani is a popular Malaysian entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker that raises awareness on human consciousness through multiple of his best sellers books. He recently released a new book “6 phases of meditation method” that will boost your mental health, optimize your life and manifest your goals. It is used as a daily affirmation for manifesting good things in every aspect of your life. He shares with us the 6 phases of mediation that help you better your health and life by preparing for the future.

6 Phases Of Meditation
1. Love & Compassion

Phase 1 is the start of finding and activating your deepest love and compassion. Many researches showed that the more connective we are, the happier we are; however, the more connective we feel, the better our physiology is. This includes less back pain and living longer with healthier lifestyles. This phase helps you open up and have compassion for yourself and others around you. It is basically to move from “judgment to caring, isolation to connection and from indifference to connection” 

2. Gratitude

Expressing more gratitude will lead to a happier life because you are appreciative of everything around you. By being thankful, you will reach a higher amount of joy and happiness; in which will suppress any negative thoughts, feelings and anxiety. It is important to take time and appreciate the moment you are currently in instead of being stressed over the future. This can range from having self-love, being thankful for yourself and others around you. 

3. Peace And Forgiveness 

This phase is one of the hardest phase to achieve because everyone holds grudges; however, this phase carries the biggest potential to change. Lakhiani understands that it is hard to forgive those who have hurt you in the past or wronged you in certain ways; however he encourages us to let go of the desire for revenge. The act of forgiveness corrects your brainwave towards the ideal state of a monk. Forgiveness is the magic pill to improve endurance, which helps you sleep better, improve relationships with everyone around you, and resolve nervousness. Lakhiani recommends to start forgiving something small and working your way up with a bigger type of forgiveness in order to achieve this phase.

4. Vision Your Future 

This is the phase that starts the footprint of your future. Looking at your life 3 years ahead and using the given tools that you have right now to improve your life and reach that goal. Envisioning your future creates space for your wants to take place because it will show a happy life to work toward. 

5. Mastering Your Day 

This phase encourages you to think about ways to support your three years vision from today. Make it clear and rewrite your belief system to make you believe in yourself that you can achieve that goal. If you are someone who experiences negative thoughts, play a little game of “wouldn’t it be nicer…” and you will start noticing the positive things in your life. The more you do it, life will give you more positive things to think about because you’re the creator of your life. Life happens for you, not to you so you can command and make do with your life. 

6. Support And Blessing 

This phase is about bringing everything together and tie it to what you believe spiritually. For instance, this can be through your religious beliefs. You have done every step possible to reach the 6th phase: sending love and compassion to others, giving gratitude, forgiving someone, and taking time to plan your future. Now you ask your higher sense of divinity to bless you and give you support. 

Maria Menounos guest Vishen Lakhiani on Phases of Meditation

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