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5 Ways to Tap Into Your Emotions

We can all come to the conclusion that emotions are complicated. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed by our emotions that we try to suppress them as much as we can. Approaching our emotions in this manner is not sustainable and as a result will lead to burn out (both mentally and physically!). Recently on Better Together we discussed the topic of tapping into your emotions with special guests Ashley Summer, CEO and founder of the social app Quilt, and Ibrahim AlHusseini, the founder of FullCycle Climate Fund. They shared so many great tips on how to regulate your emotions in the healthiest way possible, so we knew we needed to share them here too.


5 Ways To Tap Into Your Emotions


1. Build a relationship with your intuition

The last voice we ever choose to listen to is usually our own. We’ve been conditioned to pursue one goal after another, always going for the next big thing without taking our mental health into account. Ashley says listening to your intuition will help guide you into the places you are meant to be along with help you make the right decisions. Once you start listening to your intuition, you’ll begin to notice your emotions become more regulated because you’re listening to your body and mind. Your feelings should never be sacrificed at the expense of others.


2. Turn your worry into wonder

Worry is a common emotion that can limit us from becoming the best version of ourselves. When we don’t regulate this emotion, it can lead to spirals of fear and paralyze us from evolving. Instead of approaching situations with worry, Ashley says we should swap out that emotion with wonder. Wonder allows us to be creative in the face of adversity, giving us the opportunity to access our personal power to overcome obstacles we feel we might be incapable of. Entertaining more wonder and less worry!


3. Create boundaries

When taking control of your emotions and in the process of increasing your frequency/ vibrations, you have to set boundaries. This means you have to set boundaries with the people around you as well as activities you may be involved in. Once you start putting in the work to better yourself mentally, you will encounter dissonance from others. You have the power to determine what you will let in and the impact those influences have on your emotions.


4. Connect with others daily

Ibrahim says human connection is one of the most important things we can have in this life. And by this he means genuine connection with real people. As humans we’re not meant to walk life alone and we should be able to share our experiences with others. Engaging with a community can help you get outside of your head. When we share our emotions with others, it allows us to decompress while at the same time relate to others.


5. Validate your emotions

It’s ok to feel your feelings or even as Kevin says – “cry it out!”. Ashley says we’re always trying to qualify our emotions and whether they are valid enough for us to feel. To fully move on from these emotions we have to take a pause to release them from our mind. But, once we’ve accepted our emotions we have to make a decision to move forward towards healing. Without moving forward we risk ourselves becoming prisoners to our emotions and staying in a negative headspace.


Trying to regulate one’s emotions is not an easy task. It requires self-discipline and consistent work. But as you adopt these practices it’ll become easier to regulate your emotions.

Interested in hearing our conversation about managing your emotions with Ashley Summer and Ibrahim AlHusseini? Check out the episode down below!


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