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5 Life Lessons from Priyanka Chopra

The award winning actress and producer, Priyanka Chopra, has not always had her incredible success. In fact, her life journey has been quite different from the norm. Her unique life experiences and incredible mindset have been key in her journey to success. In an interview with Heal Squad X Maria Menouno, she shared her top life lessons to living a fulfilling and successful life. 


1. Keep moving 

Throughout her life, Priyanka Chopra constantly had to move around, shift and pivot.  One of her top lessons is to try to keep your head above water.  Life is constantly changing, but you have to keep moving.  She believes that you don’t have to know everything or have all the answers, but you need to keep paddling.

“Movement is evolution, evolution is growth, growth is change and change is  constant.”

2. Be on the front foot 

Throughout her career, Priyanka has had to make bold decisions to stand her ground.  Her bold choices could have had serious repercussions, but she led with conviction.  Instead of focusing on the repercussions, she advises to choose your truth. 

“In reality, there is no do or die with repercussions because lives are evermoving.” 

Being bold and brave is key to taking charge of your life. Be bold enough to be on the front foot to make whatever you want happen for yourself. 


3. Be like water 

Priyanka’s father taught her to “be like water”.  

“Water can be as powerful as a waterfall crashing into rocks or as still as a teacup.” 

She believes that you should discover the essence of who you are and then take the shape of your circumstances.  Water is amenable, malleable and fluid, but it never stops being water. 

4. Give credence to those who matter 

Priyanka shared that standing up for yourself is always challenging and daunting.  She believes that the gravity of the situation might be different depending on the circumstance, but the math of it is the same.  Ask yourself; What can you live with? What can you not live with? 

Even though it is scary, you need to have the courage of conviction to back it up and tell the truth.  

“Don’t be a victim of people’s opinions, give credence to the people who matter.“

5. Take away grief’s power 

A big part of Priyanka’s life has been dealing with grief.  She believes that the secret to dealing with grief, is to take away its power. First, allow yourself to feel it and mourn.  

“You have to walk through fire to get to the other side.”  

She recommends that you access the emotion, talk to someone about it and mourn.  Afterwards, you take away grief’s power.  Then, it becomes a companion.  


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