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5 Life Changing Mindset Shifts From Dr Joe Dispenza

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There was so much to share on my meditation retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza that I couldn’t fit it all into one episode. I had so many takeaways from my experience that I decided to record a second episode. My life has changed for the better and I have a few more pieces of wisdom to share with you all. Here are five mindset shifts that I have applied to my life that are changing my life in real time that I couldn’t wait to share.

5 Lessons That Are Changing My Life for the Better From Dr Joe Dispenza


1. Practice meditating daily

 Practicing meditation daily is crucial when trying to maintain a healthy state of mind. Meditating helps reduce anxiety, realigns your energy reserves, and can invoke inspiration. When we don’t meditate daily it becomes easier to let negative emotions take over our lives and limits us from living our dream life. There are many types of meditation methods you can try depending on what your goal is. One of my favorite meditations to practice is transcendental meditation! Putting in the work to meditate daily may be hard at first but I can guarantee you the results are worth it.(check out all of my favorite Dr Joe meditations on my meditations page here)


2. Don’t let your surroundings dictate your emotions

We tend to let our emotions become dictated by our surroundings or events that may happen to us. Having this mindset is harmful because you’re relinquishing control to other influences and allowing them to dictate the way you live your life. In anything we do, whether it be during meditation or reaching a life goal,  we must not let little distractions derail us from accomplishing our goals. You have to make the conscious decision to not let others alter your emotions because you have the power to do so! Taking control over your emotions will bring forth peace, allowing you to live a life of tranquility.


3. Always default to gratitude and love 

 Now, this is easier said than done, but it’s possible. Our society has taught us to practice love and gratitude only when it’s suitable or when we feel like doing so. Practicing love and gratitude is something we should strive for daily because it will bring forth positive energy into our own lives for the better. We have an obligation to love others despite whether they deserve it or not. Also, practicing gratitude sets us into a state of receivership. Having both of these values as a default in any situation will help us see life from a positive point of view and allow for more healing in our personal lives.


4. Stop trying to attain perfection, Pursue Progression

 When starting your meditation/wellness journey it can be hard to start off on the right foot. You might doubt yourself and ask “Am I approaching this the right way?”, or “Why is it taking so long to reach my goal?”. Having doubts is normal especially if you’re a Type A person (like me!). However, we have to realize that our journey is personal to us and we should never compare it with another person’s journey. Pursuing progression over perfection will set us in a headspace that will allow for growth without the added pressure. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, progress is being made every time you make a decision to better yourself.


5. Your limitations do not define you

 It’s so easy to label ourselves with our limitations and use them as an excuse to not better ourselves. We have to look beyond our limitations with our mind and believe that we’ll reach our goals despite the setbacks. Yes, you might have to work harder on some areas more than others but it does not mean you won’t reach your endgame. You are deserving of a beautiful life and nothing should stop you from achieving it.


I hope you can apply any of these five lessons to your own personal lives. For me these lessons are changing my life for the better. It’s not easy but I promise you it’s so worth it! Interested in learning more about my experience at Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditation retreat? Listen to the episode down below!