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3 Perfect Nutrition Tips from Fully Raw Kristina

Carrillo-Bucaram Better Together with Maria Menounos

Author, influencer and founder of the FullyRaw community, Fully Raw Kristina joined Maria Menounos to unpack some of the WILD tips she learned across her very turbulent nutrition journey. When type 2 diabetes made her chronically ill as a teen she discovered the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet. Determined to help others get healthy too, she shares her story, tips and more with us in this interview. Kristina reminds us that food is medicine, covering the vast health benefits of a raw vegan diet, which will blow your mind! Here are three tips that Kristina offers that can and will dramatically change your life.

Try Mono-Mealing

Believe it or not, Kristina’s radical health transformation began when she focused on eating only one thing: peaches. By doing that, she lost weight, cured her hyperglycemia, and eliminated her pre-diabetes condition. This inspired Kristina to start mono-mealing. During her interview with Maria, she explained the science behind this: “Mono-Mealing is cool beacuse the first bite that you take, it’ll taste so sweet to you, but you’ll know when you’re full because it’ll stop tasting so good. That’s your body communicating to you that you’re full. Most people will never know that because they have so many flavors on their plate that their body is continually excited about it.”

Make Your Own Salad Dressings

Salad dressings are LOADED with sugar, additives, and preservatives that can totally undo the “healthy” aspects of eating a salad. As an alternative to store-bought dressings, Full Raw Kristina advises making your own for a number of reasons. Most importantly, you’re able to track exactly what is going into the dressing you’re putting on your salad. But there’s also something psychologically fun and empowering about crafting your own dressing. It will give you more ownership over your eating, and even inspire some much needed creativity in your life.

Focus on Greens For Your Protein

Most people think that meat is the fastest and best way to increase their protein intake, but Kristina argues in favor of using leafy greens for our protein consumption. She says, “One filet of chicken has about 25 grams of protein in it, but only 40% of that is going to absorbed into your bloodstream because it’s animal protein. . But, on the other hand, if you have about 2 pounds of leafy greens, whether that’s kale or spinach, it can be a variety, it’s going to have about 60 grams of protein in it and 80% of that is going to be absorbed into your bloodstream because it’s plant based!” Remember, some of the strongest animals in the world, like Elephants and Gorillas, only eat greens!

Any other raw, vegan nutrition suggestions? Comment them down below, and make sure to watch Better Together w/ Maria Menounos everyday on YouTube and Apple Podcasts!

Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham

Jeffrey C. Graham is a writer, host, and producer living in Los Angeles, California. You’ve seen (or heard) his work on Sirius XM, AfterBuzz TV, and Earwolf, among other outlets. Jeff thinks of himself “intellectual,” but he’s a voracious fan of The Bachelor franchise, so perhaps not?

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