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4 Ways to Become Soul-Aware with Touré Roberts

Maria Menounos guest Toure Roberts on 4 Ways to Become Soul-Aware

Recently, we had pastor and author Touré Roberts on the show. We discussed a variety of topics but one main theme of our conversation with Touré that kept coming up was the idea of being soul-aware (not self-aware). In Touré’s words, being soul-aware is when you tap into the depths of your soul that longs for perpetual fulfillment and balance. This yearning can’t be substituted with tangible items or relationships, but instead requires work from ourselves to pause and listen to what our soul needs.  We get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to pause and be still. Touré shared many things with us, but the below are what really helped us understand how we can get started building our soul-awareness.


Here are 4 Ways to Become Soul-Aware:


1. Practice sitting in stillness

Sitting in stillness is the only way you’ll be able to tap into that inner voice by honing into what your soul needs. We’ve normalized nosiness as being productive and stillness as unproductive. Being still allows us to analyze ourselves from within as well as confront internal struggles we may be unaware of. If we allow ourselves to sit in stillness, this allows our souls to regenerate. Touré says that he’s had life changing epiphanies from sitting in stillness. Learn to be still and watch your breakthroughs unfold! 


2. Block out time for yourself daily

Touré recommends blocking out at least thirty minutes to an hour a day for yourself away from all the noise. Use this time to meditate or speak affirmations over yourself.  Touré recommends blocking out time for yourself in the morning because it’ll help start your day on the right note. During this time you’ll be able to rid yourself of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your highest self. Invest time in yourself so that you’ll be able to give back to others!


3. Eliminate fear from your mind

Fear can oftentimes become the driver of our lives, dictating what we can or cannot do. When we make the decision to dwell on fear, we’re wasting energy on creating a scenario that may or may not happen at all (which is the case most of the time)! Cultivating fear can inhibit us from becoming soul-aware as well make us unbalanced. Consider your headspace as prime real estate and make the decision of what you want to inhabit your mind. If we choose to invest our energy in ourselves instead of fear, we’ll begin to see changes in thinking patterns as well as attract success that’s not fueled by fear.   


4. Love yourself through it all

One of the biggest lessons when it comes to being soul-aware is loving yourself. Loving yourself is all a part of becoming soul-aware because you’re the only person who can fill the deep void within your soul. Taking care of yourself and healing past traumas is all dependent on you and how much time you’re willing to invest in yourself. If we don’t show ourselves love then how can we expect to love others? Touré says if we’re in complete balance within ourselves, then we become unlimited with abundance – being able to give off that abundance to others in a meaningful way.


Becoming soul-aware is not an easy process but with constant dedication to becoming better, it is achievable. Touré’s tips can help us in our everyday lives evolve and step into the greatness we were always meant to stand in. 

Interested in learning more on how to become soul-aware? Check out our episode with Touré down below!