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4 Tips to Successful Goal Setting with Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and also author to her new book titled Radical Confidence: 10 No-BS Lessons on Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life. Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with her about different topics that are all connected to building radical confidence. Some topics that we touched upon were about how to confront self-sabotage, reframing failure by using it to your advantage, her “no BS what will it take?” assessment when confronted with problems, and how to set goals effectively. One of the main takeaways from my chat was her tips on for successful goal setting that is both effective and strategic! Lisa says applying these tips when it comes to setting your goals will not only give you clarity, but also allow you to fully execute a game plan that will lead your goals into true growth.


Here are 4 Tips On How to Implement Successful Goal Setting


1. Give your goals deadlines

One of the major dream killers according to Lisa is not putting deadlines on your goals. Everyone has dreams and ambitions, but people tend to get stuck in the “dreaming” aspect of goal setting. We tend to psych ourselves out in thinking we’re working towards our goals when in reality, we haven’t even started! Lisa said she made this mistake when saying she wanted to work in the film industry and make movies. For eight years she said she was working toward that goal, but in reality she was just being a stay at home wife organizing her husband’s sock drawer! Don’t let your goals become hazy dreams that stay up in the clouds- make them a reality by adding a deadline to get your wheels going into action. 

2. Be specific with your goals

Being specific with your goals is one of the second most important factors when it comes to goal setting. We have broad goals and tend to leave it at that without truly dissecting them into detail. Some of these goals may be “I want to be happy” or “I want to have an impact.” Ask yourself what does happiness mean to you or what does having an impact look like? Really sit down with yourself and ask the who, what, why questions so you can have clarity on what you’re trying to achieve. Your goals will only go so far depending on how much effort you’re willing to put into them. 

3. Have a game plan to achieve your goals

After you’ve decided what your goals are specifically, you have to have a game plan. You need to map out the steps you need to take in order to make sure you’re actively working toward your goal. This could mean having to learn a new skill/ trade, setting allocated time out of schedule for this goal, etc. Having a game plan in place will take the guesswork out of starting and will also help you visualize exactly where you need to go. Without a game plan, it’ll be impossible to reach your goal because you don’t have the steps to guide you to completion. 


4. Always reevaluate your goals regularly

As humans we’re always changing and evolving, so it makes sense that our goals will change as well. What your dreams were ten years ago may not be reflective of the place you are in today. Lisa says we should always ask ourselves if our goals are aligned with our personal life mission. If not, we’ll be working against ourselves – making it harder for us to fulfill our life mission on this earth. Lisa says she’s had to reevaluate her personal goals and change them because it wasn’t what she wanted anymore, or it wasn’t worth the risk of putting her mental health on the line.  Always make sure to pause, reevaluate, and check if your goals are servicing you for the better. 


Lisa’s tips on goal setting are something I’ll definitely be implementing in my life. Having a structured plan for your goals will not only help you reach your goals but also make you a more disciplined person. Anyone with any goal can apply these goal setting factors to their lives and make it their own. 

Maria Menounos guest Lisa Bilyeu on Goal Setting

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