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4 Tips to Combat Negative Thoughts

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Have you ever had a negative thought that just completely ruined your day? Recently, on Better Together, we discussed the topic of combating negative thoughts. When we live in a constant state of negativity we are not only hurting ourselves, but we’re also manifesting that negativity into our future. So if you are wondering what you can do to stop negative thoughts from infiltrating your mind, check out some of the tips we’ve learned that could help you too. 


4 Tips To Combat Negative Thoughts:


1. Declare goodness over yourself every morning

 When waking up in the morning the first thing you should do is smile and declare goodness over your day. The first thought that comes to mind when waking up is usually about how tired we are or wishing we could sleep in for five more minutes. If we entertain these types of negative thoughts, we’re psyching ourselves out and setting ourselves up for failure. Speaking positivity into the universe first thing in the morning will set you on the right track while also asserting control over your emotions, rather than letting your emotions take control over you. An extra suggestion would be meditating the night before! Doing this always guarantees a happier morning the next day. 


2. Self-discipline your mind

 By default our mind is addicted to entertaining negative thoughts because we’ve conditioned ourselves into binging them constantly. Although we may dislike these thoughts, to a certain extent they are comforting because we’ve lived with them for so long. Ridding yourself of negative thinking means you have to break the cycle of negative spirals. Although easier said than done, you have to make the conscious decision to shift your thought patterns and resist the urge to revert back to those old habits.


3. No one can hurt you, but you

Remember, you have the power to control what you let in and the impact words will have on you. Every day we have to make a choice on whether we’ll let the world affect our joy. You are the master of your life, meaning you have the power to determine what you  grant access to. This can be a negative comment someone said about you or a wandering thought of self-hatred that comes to mind. If thoughts like these come to mind, take it captive, recognize it, and release it from your mind.


4. Swap out negative thoughts with positive thoughts 

Your thoughts have the power to determine the reality you live in and what your future will be. Living in negativity will bring forth negative outcomes.. Putting forth positive energy externally and internally will yield back positive energy back to you. This will help attract the reality you want as you tap into the quantum physics world. New thoughts lead to new choices, new choices lead to new behaviors, new behaviors lead to new experiences, and new experiences lead to new emotions, which then leads to evolution of one’s self.


Applying these tips into your daily routine to combat negativity will truly change the way you live your life. It’ll take some time and effort to fully grasp these habits, but once established, your thought patterns will change. Interested in learning more about how to deal with negative thoughts? Check out the episode down below!