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4 Tips for Leaving a Legacy with Ludacris

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Multitalented rapper and actor Chris Bridges (better known as Ludacris) stopped by to chat with us on Better Together. We discussed an array of topics from his new hit Netflix animated children’s series Karma’s World to his impressive growth trajectory with his career. One thing that Ludacris emphasized was leaving a legacy behind that impacts people’s lives for the better. Here are four ways that Ludacris is leaving his mark on this world and how you can too.


4 Tips for Leaving a Legacy 


1) Staying authentic to your brand 

Ludacris has been in the entertainment industry for 23 years now and like everyone else, he’s grown and evolved. He started off as a young rapper and now is a father to four young girls. When we asked how he separates his rapping career with his personal life he said that it’s impossible to do so. His music is both a reflection of his life now and also what his truth is today. Although his lyrics in the past might be different from his messaging today, it was a part of the journey that led him to where he is today. Staying authentic to yourself is what will yield true success and leave a long lasting impression.


2) Focusing on inclusivity and representation 

One way Ludacris is accomplishing this is through his hit series Karma’s World. Based on true events from his daughter Karma’s upbringing, this show teaches children about overcoming life’s obstacles. It shed’s light on the value of being unique despite society’s standards. Ludacris wanted to empower young black girls by highlighting the value they have to offer. With a diverse animated casting, Ludacris wanted to ensure all children were represented with positive messaging. 


3) Maintaining a mindset of gratitude 

Ludacris approaches every project with gratitude, always making sure that he remains thankful every step of his journey. When people congratulate him on his projects, he always mentions those who’ve helped him as it takes a whole team to succeed. Having this mindset is what has helped him sustain a fruitful career along with attracting success.


4) Giving back to the community

This is one of Ludacris’s top core values because he believes we all have a responsibility to put positivity out into the world. Having an impact does not mean you have to start a large scale foundation like his. Instead, starting within your own community can ignite positive change and inspire others to do the same. This could simply mean being kind to a neighbor, offering someone a helpful hand, or telling someone how much you appreciate their hard work. Ludacris says our actions have a larger impact than we think and urges us to live everyday with the intent of helping others in any way possible. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what we’ve done, but how we have impacted the lives of others for the better.


Despite Ludacris being a Hollywood A-lister, anyone can apply these four practices to their everyday lives to ensure their leaving an impactful legacy. Interested in learning more about Ludacris? Listen to our episode with him down below!


Click here to listen to our full interview with Ludacris! 

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