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4 Astrological Elements Explained with Debra Silverman

Maria Menounos on Astrological Elements

Debra Silverman is a well-known astrology expert who specializes in helping thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. Debra uses her combination of psychology and astrology in her therapeutic approach in healing others. In today’s episode, Debra goes in depth about the astrological elements and why they are important in understanding yourself. 

The Four Astrological Elements Explained
1. Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

Fire signs embody someone who is passionate and courageous. These signs push you to your limits to try new things and be adventurous. Fire signs are extreme and could have a lot of mood swings; however, they speak with courage, straightforward and speak from the heart. Because they are independent and impulsive, fire signs are quick to love and can be aggressive sometimes. Communication is important for fire signs to learn how to think before speaking by taming their “fire beast” and creating balance with other signs. 

2. Water (Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces)

Water is a symbol of imagination, intuition and emotion. These signs have a great resource of emotions and are able to be empathetic to connect with others. Because of this, they have a deep level of sensitivity but possess such a high level of imagination. They are authentic and “feel” with their heart most of the time so they trust others at an instant. Water signs seek for stability in their relationship with others in order to tame down their emotional side. 

3. Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth signs know what they want because they are grounded, disciplined and focused. Another word often used to describe earth signs is “perfectionist” because they will stop at nothing to make sure the tasks are done correctly by them. Because of this, they like to implement rules and instructions everywhere they go and love to be a leader. However, earth signs can be judgemental in the sense that they don’t trust others to do their tasks for them. If they want it done right, they feel they have to do it themselves. 

4. Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs are considered to be brilliant, curious and independent. They love finding questions and missions in their daily life to understand themselves and others. These signs are the best story-tellers because they are really talkative and observant. They like to get things done quickly and are eager to find new information everyday. However, air signs can struggle to connect with others on a deeper, more emotional level. 

Astrology has been discredited as being a voo-doo or something that isn’t worth studying because it is not real; however, Debra goes in depth about to understand anything, you must need time to study, study the book and real-life experiences. This goes with astrology as well because understanding astrology helps you open your mind and understand yourself better

Maria Menounos guest Debra Silverman on Astrological Elements

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