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3 Ways to Release False Identity with Zach Bush

Maria Menounos on False Identity

Dr. Zach Bush has shared so much eye opening value and eloquence in his conversation with Maria. As founder of Seraphic Group and nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint, he is recognized internationally for being an educator that highlights the need for departing from chemical farming and pharmaceuticals. After talking about the root causes of disease, with his eight-step journey of finding intrinsic health, he tells us all the messages we need to hear today about finding our true selves within. Here are some of his ways you can release this sense of false identity and be more in tune with who you truly are. 

3 Ways to Release False Identity with Zach Bush
1. Begin at your state of being & strip away all your identities.

From Dr. Bush’s eight-step lifestyle, the coach can help to act as a mirror to allow yourself to see how you’ve created a false sense of self. Even without one, you can work on creating a construct that allows you to recognize the warped reality society has created which corrupts your soul, this idea of an infinite being. In a world where we’re taught to look for someone to complete us, focus on yourself instead of rushing to find who you are in codependent relationships and roleplaying methodologies — another person is not what makes you, you. Dr. Bush reinforces this idea of finding yourself during the first weeks of the journey, and once you can start being you, then it begins with how you interact with extraordinary experiences of energy. Embracing that within you changes the way you think about the world. By finding who you are deep within your core without all the extra fluff, you become spiritually aware of your inner voice, which you can access at any time to tell you the path to follow. 

2. Find your reason to be alive that’s unique to you. 

As mentioned already, we often find our reason to exist by living through others. By using the example of being here to love and nurture our future children, Dr. Bush points out that it is not your reason for being alive. He uses the metaphor of each of us having our own zebra stripes that make us unique: they don’t spell out words like “mom,” they literally spell out “you.” Everyone of us has a purposeful energetic presence on this planet and a role to play in the crystalline structure of humanity. You can’t be the full expression of that definition of self if you’re why is a reason like “I’m a mother,” simply because you’re much greater than that. It’s easy to be co-opted to these altruistic identities like mother, farmer, doctor, etc. and not question the level of control these titles have on your life that have kept you drugged for so long. Emptiness comes from not feeling truly alive in these altruistic roles that aren’t really who you are because they make you believe you’re doing the right thing by societal standards. Dr. Bush says “You are whole and complete in yourself at an energetic level. I have the whole code of life and creation within myself. We know why we’re here.”

3. Be in tune with nature, regenerating yourself.

Dr. Bush can’t stress enough the importance of envisioning a regenerative world, using the instance of regenerative agriculture as a way for farmers to find their spiritual identity within the context of the work they do within the soils. But, in order to be aligned with the global community in this way, we must do the work on our own time to regenerate each of our own human spirits. Find the relationship to the world around you that makes you feel fulfilled, resilient, and in a constant state of joyful expression. It can be hard in the sterilized, plastic covered reality that our senses reach in every direction, causing loneliness, disconnection, and distance. Nevertheless, be encouraged by the power of nature. Look deeper than the surface-level toxicity we create, and instead revitalize this connection of life we have by entering into a relationship with nature. This helps us confront and heal traumas of our emotional past, becoming regenerative on both a spiritual and biological level. Rather than having to leave the body of humanity to find ourselves, nature allows us to be rebirthed on a guiding path of its own. Dr. Bush calls nature’s grace more potent than any possible combination of chemicals. 

Maria Menounos guest Zach Bush on False Identity

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