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3 Ways To Increase Motivation with Brendon Burchard

It can be easy to fall into a funk and feel like you don’t know how to get out of it. Brendon Burchard explained to us how being in a funk is essentially “mental fatigue”. Every little thing we do throughout our day typically involves a decision on how to react to something, what to spend time on and what to do. Our brains are constantly in “go mode” and tired from all of the decisions and energy we take on. If your feeling this way, know that you are not alone and there are some tips that can help you reclaim your joy and increase your motivation again. 


3 Ways To Increase Motivation with Brendon Burchard


1. Reclaim Your Mental Space 

Meditate, go workout, take time off your phone. Do anything you can to give yourself some mental silence and peace. When you are able to quiet your mind and not focus on the millions of little things going on in the world, you can actually feel your day. The small things you do every day that you might be doing on auto-pilot will actually become things you desire and enjoy! 


2. Win The Small Battles 

Brendon talks about his outlook on the day and how he views each small win as a win for the day. Everyday you wanna pursue things that you have genuine passion and interest in, you feel great. Fight the battle each day to put time and energy into what will make you feel good. 


3. Decide one thing you can do to move toward a goal 

Look at your week, and decide one thing you can do to make yourself feel good. Whether that’s making plans to go out with friends and make connections, or taking 30 minutes out of your day to read or write. Set aside time and designate time for yourself in the week to do something that will make you happy. 

Maria Menounos guest Brendon Burchard on How to Increase Motivation

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