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3 Ways to Connect with Your Animals With Aliana Seeger-Madsen

Maria Menounos on Connecting With Your Animals

All the way from Denmark, Aliana Seeger-Madsen is an animal medium, spiritual mentor, energy healer, and author of the book 22 Letters from Uncle Jack. She helps people open up intuitive communication, and she’s dedicated to helping people achieve peace through spiritual guidance and release. Specializing in communicating with the naturalistic spirit of animals, Aliana shared some tips on how you can connect better with your pets. 

Aliana Seeger-Madsen’s 3 Ways to Connect with Your Animals 
When your pet crosses over

Aliana is adamant about telling your pets that your heart is open. By saying this, it’s as though you’re taking a step back and saying it’s ok to walk away with those that are standing there. They crave affection from you while they’re still around, with their energy connection feeling as though they are constantly “being called home.” Animals often know months ahead of time when their time is dwindling, so it is ultimately up to the owner to make the choice to let them go. Inevitably, this will come with uncontrollable emotions, but it’s important to note that everyone is on their own healing journey and will arrive there at different times. 

Past animals and their spirits

For Aliana, she says this feeling of past pets’ spirits would be present near the lower leg as a slightly cold feeling. Just as pets are close companions and often guide you in life, their energy continues to do the same after their passing. They’re meant to keep you on the right path, following what your voice is, what direction to go in, and keeping you to your true self. Additionally, when loved ones pass, their energies can often be felt in your animals, which Aliana describes as being the “same love, same voice, and same energy.” 

Channeling energy with your pet

As a way to channel each other spiritually in a method of physical connection, Aliana provides steps to do so. First, starting off in a quiet space of your own and sitting with your animal is a must. You must place your right hand on your own heart while the left hand goes on the left side of your pet’s scapula (AKA the shoulder blade). This allows for a clear and direct channel for energy to flow, and as Aliana says “Heart to heart, soul to soul.” Once again, the idea of having an open heart comes up, so if you close your eyes, it allows for a time to ask direct questions to your pets and receive that back. Pets can feel their owners’ daily shifts, so it’s crucial to be concise and clear when addressing them. 


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Maria Menounos guest Aliana Seeger-Madsen on Connecting With Your Animals

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