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3 Ways to Avoid Burnout with Jenna Kutcher

We talked with Jenna Kutcher, host of podcast “Goal Digger”, about choosing your life path based on your own terms and needs. If you’re not really sure what you’re wanting from your life, listen in to Jenna’s tips on boundaries, ways to avoid burnout, and defining success for yourself in your own terms. Here are three things you can do to stay in touch with yourself and your emotions to pave your path in life. 


1. Pay attention to those moments where you need to take a break

If you constantly are pushing yourself and pushing your limits because you think you can, something is eventually going to explode. Just because you can push yourself, doesn’t mean you should! Jenna compares this idea to an engine light in a car. When you see the engine light come on, it can be easy to just keep going and pushing until something breaks and you then need to put so much more time and energy into fixing it. When you see your own personal engine light come on, don’t push so hard that you break. Take a moment and set that personal boundary for yourself to reset.


2. Avoid burnout by creating boundaries

Many of us have grown up with this idea that we need to be given opportunities to say yes to in order to achieve goals. We see saying no as blocking off opportunity. That is what leads us to burnout. We need to say no sometimes and create those boundaries to avoid the stress and overwhelming feeling of just saying yes to anything. View boundaries as a line that’s keeping YOU in your life, not a line that’s keeping opportunities out. 


3. Feel your feelings, even if it’s not happiness

All our lives we’ve gone along thinking the end goal is happiness. We’ve been conditioned to think that all we want to feel is happiness and everything else is a temporary feeling we need to get through to get to happiness. However, Jenna talks about how feelings are supposed to be felt. Every feeling is supposed to be felt. So, if we’re feeling anxious or upset about something, or we’re ignoring our intuition that something is wrong just because we’re masking it with happiness, we aren’t fully letting ourselves feel. 


Want to hear more about how Jenna Kutcher sets boundaries and avoids burnout? Check out the full episode here!

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