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3 Ways Hypnotherapy Changed Peter Facinelli’s Life

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Could hypnotherapy help with anxiety? Peter Facinelli is an American actor, film and television producer and shared the impact hypnotherapy has had in his life and how it has the incredible power to potentially help others identify triggers, rewrite negative thoughts, and calm anxiety like it did for him. He describes it as a “massage” for your mind because it helps you relax and rewrite your belief systems in a more positive mindset. Here is the impact Peter noticed when he began hypnotherapy.

3 Ways Hypnotherapy Changed Peter Facinelli’s Life
1. It Can Help Rewrite Belief Systems

Hypnotherapy can be used to rewrite and change negative thoughts into positive ones. Peter mentioned examples like people with cancer who utilize hypnotherapy as part of their coping strategy. By implementing hypnotherapy into their lives, many have said that it creates a deep rooted belief in themselves and their ability to fight the disease; bringing the idea of manifestation into the mix.

2. It Can Help Calm Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can also calm your anxiety and insecurities similarly to meditation. During the relaxed state of mind, the hypnotherapist will suggest and offer confidence boost such as: “Flying is fun”, “You are not afraid to give a speech” or “You are not afraid” to ease the thought in your mind and reduce the fear attached to that thought.

3. It Can Identify Triggers

It can be hard to understand or even identify triggers, but hypnotherapy can be a way to fully explore them. Identifying what your triggers are is necessary in order to cope and heal. A hypnotherapist can use different techniques to separate certain triggers with your reactions. For example, if you feel anxious when you go on an airplane, a hypnotherapist can use techniques to separate your anxious thoughts when you go on an airplane. This allows you to change your reactions when certain triggers occur. The person will be able to take in suggestions and incorporate it in their life to feel better and be better. 


Maria Menounos guest Peter Facinelli on How Hypnotherapy Changed His Life

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