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3 Ways Bob Parsons Healed from PTSD

Maria Menounos on PTSD

Bob Parsons is a Vietnam veteran and entrepreneur who has suffered from PTSD since the war. He has paved his way through while on a path of a psychedelic healing journey, which has helped cured him. As a featured podcast guest, Parsons shares his incredible experience, some business tips, and PTSD treatment techniques. Here is some of his advice for PTSD victims and how they can turn their life around. 

3 Ways Bob Parsons Healed from PTSD
1. Psychedelics

Bob’s turning point of realization to finally overcome his suffering from PTSD came from reading Michael Pollan’s book How To Change Your Mind. It provided hope for him, and though he had never taken psychedelics, he was prepared to try them. With his wife on board, he had been hooked up with a pair of people to guide him through it within weeks. It was in Hawaii where he was guided through psychedelics usage over a four day period, a bit more than microdosing, culminating in trying LSD on the final day. His change in personality was nearly instantaneous, almost unbelievable by those closest to him. Bob went from being an intense person with a temper, depression, and inability to be social, to a kind person who enjoyed being around others and was willing to listen. In his own words, he describes it as “It had been 48 years since the war and I finally came home.” As he had guidance, he emphasizes the importance of the aid in psychedelic treatment for PTSD and not just trying it on your own volition. The therapy is what does the healing, psychedelics just make it possible to be open to experiencing past issues again. Having an experienced guide at your side ensures safety in case anything goes wrong, allowing you to get to the brunt of the issue and cauterize the wound. 

2. Stellate Ganglion Block

A short 10 minute procedure that’s noninvasive, Bob used the stellate ganglion block (SGB) as one of the practices to further cure his PTSD. The disorder centers around the brain’s amygdala and causes people to release much more adrenaline and epinephrine than the average person. Coincidingly, they also release less cortisol than someone who doesn’t have it, which is what the body uses to slow the adrenaline rush. As a solution, the SGB occurs when a doctor using anesthetic like Lidocaine, along with an ultrasound, injects it into the stellate ganglion nerves in the neck, which is how the amygdala communicates with the body. Initially, it shuts down, causing the right eye to become droopy, but once the anesthetic wears off, the amygdala essentially reboots. SGB causes a profound, dramatic difference for people because afterwards, they feel the way they should without the PTSD. Patients are screened ahead of time to make sure they are a good candidate. Using his personal success story with the legal remedy, he now helps other veterans with similar issues to pursue this life changing treatment. He stresses to them that though their physical body is reacting the way that it is, they’re not really calling the shots, so getting the trauma handled will allow them to become who they should be. Bob points out that he has even had people do it who don’t believe they are suffering from anything and they still come out feeling anew. The treatment typically has a lasting effect for six months up until a year or two, when it can be done again. While growth in popularity is starting to change, the doctor’s procedure often gets swept under because it’s not a money maker for Big Pharma. 

3. Managing His Businesses

For a while, Bob dealt with his PTSD by burying himself in his work. Once he cured himself properly, he found a big difference amongst his coworkers, who now noticed how much easier it was to work with him. In addition, he got a majority of his staff on board with SGB, who now feel comfortable with asking him for help in doing it a second time. In providing some managerial tips, he said the most important group for a business is its employees who must believe in the work you’re doing and be enthusiastic about it with customers. Bob says “The person who knows the most about their business usually wins.” He has put his heart into his career, which he makes a point to note that you have to love what you’re doing for your business. Working for the right reasons is crucial, and if you’re motivated because you know you truly want to do something special, you can’t fail. Using what he makes from the hard work he puts into, he regularly donates about $1 million to charity every 14 days, with a significant amount going towards helping those in the military. He also contributes numerous aid towards helping children in need. One of Bob’s more recent developments is working with Rick Doblin and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) on funding the next field trials for MDMA in hopes it will be the ones to push it over the top. Testing is currently in phase three on course to happen next year, and with approved results, it could be a “total game changer” for those with classic, untreatable PTSD, planned to cure it significantly in only three sessions.


Maria Menounos guest Bob Parsons on PTSD

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